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40 Uses for Plastic Milk Jugs

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40 Uses for Plastic Milk Jugs

Plastic milk jugs / milk containers have many uses after their primary function of holding milk is over. As milk container week comes to a close, we’re left to recap the many creative uses for milk containers!

If this list isn’t enough for you, I’ve made an even bigger one! Here is my 99 More Uses for Plastic Milk Jugs & DIY Milk Jug Projects!

40 Uses for Plastic Milk Jugs

1. Utensil holders in the kitchen (cut off the tops to make a wide opening).

2. Plastic paper dolls that won’t tear. Decorate them with permanent markers.

3. Milk jug bird feeder.

4. Princess crowns: just cut and decorate. You can even glue on gems from the craft store.

5. Valentine card holders decorated with tissue paper squares.

6. Toy parachutes. Cut off the top of the milk jug, leaving only the round part of the bottom. Attach strings and your kids’ toys can wear the parachute.

7. Grocery bag holder/dispenser.

8. Kids’ bubble blowing wands.

9. Pretend Olympic gold medals for your kids to play with. Color them, even glue on gold glitter if you want, then thread onto a ribbon so they can wear their gold medals.

10. Storage for grains, rice, oats, beans, popcorn.

11. Plastic carrying cases.

12. Kids’ snow scooper.

13. Junk drawer organizers. Use the bottoms of the jugs as trays to keep small items sorted.

14. Milk jug classroom candy holder.

15. Play money for your children. Cut out rectangles for bills and circles for coins, then decorate.

16. Milk jug mobile.

17. Ninja turtle mask.

18. Luminaries - Lights for the sides of your walkway (use sand inside to hold mini LED lights, flashlights or candles).

19. Milk jug Christmas sleigh.

20. Milk jug mummy candy bowls.

21. Milk jug toy rocket pack.

22. Family mail box center. Cut the tops off of milk jugs, then lay them all on their sides and fasten together to form a row of mail boxes where each family member can get mail.

23. Milk jug igloo.

24. Craft containers.

25. CD or DVD holder.

26. Bike or scooter lanterns.

27. Milk jug sun catchers.

28. Kid’s fort. Fasten or glue the milk jugs together to fashion walls and leave the top of the fort open.

29. Milk jug pteranodon flying dinosaur.

30. Milk jug magazine organizer.

31. Fill with water and use as weights outdoors to hold down the corners of plastic sheeting/tarps.

32. Kids’ toy Indian headdress.

33. Milk jug stick donkey or horse.

34. Mats for kids’ artwork. Cut out a rectangle, paint it, and glue the art into the middle.

35. Hand weights – just fill with water (remember that 1 gallon of water=8 pounds).

36. Pantry storage for small items like seasoning mixes and condiment packets.

37. Day of the dead luminaries.

38. Milk jug garland.

39. Baby bottle brush holder – Use a half gallon jug to keep your bottle brush clean and upright next to the sink!

40. Lego storage (cut a hole just big enough to reach in without getting stuck).

If you still need more inspiration, read 99 More Uses for Plastic Milk Jugs & DIY Milk Jug Projects!

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    Jul 10, 2008 @ 07:05:43


  2. Jana
    Feb 11, 2009 @ 10:08:27

    Please rethink using milk cartons for water storage and food storage. The plastic that milk cartons are made from breaks down pretty quickly. Water escapes because the plastic starts to ‘breathe’. I would not stake my health or my childrens health on drinking that water. It is no longer clean enough to drink.

    Same for food. When storing food long term, your goal is to store it safely so the food does not break down and lose it’s nutrional value. Again, as the plastic ages, it starts to breathe. The oxygen can break down food items pretty quickly. But if milk cartons are all you have, something is better than nothing.

    Many people that store food long term use 2 liter bottles and similiar plastic jugs. You need the stronger plastics that will hold up over time.

    The list is great. I got alot of ideas, thank you.


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  4. Kitty
    Mar 24, 2013 @ 13:46:07

    My family goes through 1-3 gallons a day,
    Could you find out some ways to store/break down empty milk jugs?
    (in a way that they can still be recycled, but don’t take up tons of room)


  5. Home Ever After
    Feb 11, 2009 @ 11:43:53

    @Jana: Thanks for pointing out that important info. Those are definitely issues that I will have my staff research in the future.

    Danelle, Home Ever After


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