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Donation Successful

Thank you for your donation!

Your donation allows us to keep growing and providing you with the best new media experience possible and we appreciate it deeply.

What is the donation money used for at Homemaker Barbi?

  • Monthly hosting fees and internet access.
  • Paying for equipment upgrades and maintenance (computers, cameras, video equipment).
  • Shipping of giveaway prizes and packaging materials to send them.
  • Costs of advertising.
  • Costs of cool promotional items, like pens and stickers.
  • Expenses involved with blog and technology conferences, such as airfare, hotel and registration costs.
  • …and more!

The list goes on; there really are a lot of costs associated with running a website of this size (and we didn’t even include the cost of paying employees, because donations aren’t used for salaries).

Thank you!

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