6 Baby Shower Gifts to Leave at the Store

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If you’ve ever wondered if you gave baby shower gifts that were returned, this list is for you!  What to give as a baby shower gift is a tricky subject.  People often want to buy adorable newborn-appropriate gifts to welcome the new little person to the world! 

However, many times the items a new mom receives as baby shower gifts are not very useful, or so short-lived that they represent an impractical lifespan. 

What baby gifts do new moms wish you’d left at the store?   Personally, I wish I had gotten less baby clothes.  Baby clothes are not only expensive, but having a huge stockpile is just impractical.  I received so many baby clothes that a lot of the outfits were only worn once or not at all, which is such a shame. 

I know the gift-givers wanted to shower love on my then-unborn son and did so with oh-so-cute clothes, but there proved to be a lot of wasted money on clothing that was never even used!  

If you don’t want to be an impractical baby-gifter, read on for 6 baby gifts you can leave at the store!

6 Baby Shower Gifts to Skip

1.  Religious items.  Religious gifts can be a sensitive subject, especially if you’re not sure of the parents’ religious specifics.  It’s better to leave this one to the parents.

2.  Newborn clothes, size 0-3 months. Consider that “newborn” size is designed for babies from 5-8 pounds. Those of us having large babies (born at 8 pounds and up) may not even be able to fit a newborn outfit on them the day they are born!  The newborn size clothes may be cute, but force yourself to put it back on the rack and look for the same style in a 3-6 month size or larger.  Chant the mantra:  Babies always grow bigger, but they will never get smaller! 

3.  Coats or jackets.  As most young babies will be in a carseat carrier most of the time when outdoors, they’ll be covered up with blankets or car seat covers.  The coat or jacket to match an outfit may be very cute, but probably will not make a very practical gift. Don’t be offended if you never see the little one donning your gift of outerwear.

4.  Stuffed animals.  Unless they’re meant to hang on a wall (like a musical stuffed animal with a pull-string), don’t waste money on stuffed animals.  Babies won’t be able to play with stuffed animals until they are much older, or even sleep with them in their cribs. 

Many stuffed animals aren’t even suited for older babies or toddlers, such as those with hard plastic pieces, or small hard items embedded, such as eyes, buttons, rattles and more.  These small choking hazards can become detached from the stuffed animals while your little one is chewing on or mouthing the toy.  Better safe than sorry- skip the stuffed animals in favor of a different type of gift.

5.  Monogrammed clothes or linens.  Although the thought of a personally monogrammed item with baby’s name or initials sounds special, it might not be the most practical.  Many parents who plan on having more than one child like to keep baby items to reuse for their future children.  Another popular way to reuse these quickly outgrown baby clothes is to pass them on to friends or family that are expecting.  Their kids probably won’t look good wearing someone else’s name!

If planning on a personalized blanket or other item, it’s good to check with the parent first to make sure they haven’t already gotten one.  Some moms might not want a ton of items they have to pack away as keepsakes; one or two is usually enough.

6.  Seasonal clothes.  You can’t estimate what size a baby will be at a certain age.  Don’t buy seasonal clothing, such as shorts, bathing suits, flannel shirts, or Christmas outfits as gifts – there is no way to tell if a 9 month old baby in summertime will really be wearing size 12 months!

Since we know you want to buy a fabulous (but useful) baby shower gift, stay tuned next week for our list of 6 Must-Have Baby Shower Gifts.  In the meantime, check out our 13 Best Baby Shower Gifts on a Budget.

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