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Danelle Ice is an entrepreneur in Los Angeles and mom of 3. She is the creator of and Danelle is also known as internet personality SimDanelle, the first virtual person. Danelle is a beauty guru on YouTube, vlogger, blogger, and new media darling. She is a current brand ambassador for for Keurig and previous AMD Tech Mom, Kraft Foods Delicious Byte brand ambassador, and Purex Insider.


  1. Denise
    September 27, 2009 @ 10:13 pm

    Would love to win this. Love the tips and giveaways! Thanks so much!

  2. Mary Wojtanik
    September 28, 2009 @ 6:52 am

    This would be a fantastic win, my refrigerator, dishwasher and stove all need replacing, leaking, humming, and ringing noises. Thanks for entering me in this contest.

  3. Jennifer
    October 12, 2009 @ 5:41 am

    Thank you so much for this offer! I’m hoping I won’t be stuck in the 80s forever with my beige appliances …. and the thought of a GE upgrade is beyond my wildest dreams!!!

  4. Candy
    October 14, 2009 @ 7:08 pm

    My refrigerator is 20 years old and I baby it everday. This would be an awesome thing to think of possibly having a new one.

  5. Stephanie
    February 15, 2011 @ 3:15 am

    Thank you to all for offering this gift and would welcome it!

  6. Stephanie
    February 15, 2011 @ 3:16 am

    Thank you to all for offering this gift and I would welcome it greatly!!