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Where to Find Matching Family Outfits and Matching Kids’ Outfits

Last year before Christmas, I started searching for places to find matching kids’ clothes for siblings, both big girl / little girl matching dresses and brother / sister coordinating outfits. That is why I made the complete list of where to find matching family outfits and matching kids’ outfits.

During this process I also stumbled upon matching family outfits, which are great for family portraits. These aren’t identical so each person looks like a carbon copy, but they are different clothing pieces in matching or coordinated colors or patterns.

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. It won’t cost you any extra if you shop there, but I will receive a small percentage for helping you find their stores! This list was updated on December 16, 2013 to show current styles.

Matching Family Outfits and Pajamas

Wooden Soldier – They have whole family matching outfits that you can mix and match.

Wooden Soldier

Hartstrings – If you’re looking for traditional dressy or casual matching sibling outfits, this store has a great selection. Receive 10% OFF your purchase at with coupon code CJ10OFF

Sleepytime PJs Matching Family Ornament Pajamas – For the adults you can choose between a solid red top and the button up ornament pajama shirt. The kids’ PJs come in 2 piece or non-footed onesies.

Matching Family Ornament Pajamas

Polar Bear I Need a Snowday Matching Family Set by Footsteps Clothing

Polar Bear I Need a Snow Day Pajamas

Santa’s Elf Coordinating Family Clothing Set – Number each shirt with Elf #1, elf #2, etc., and even include an elf bandana for your dog!

Santa's Elf Coordinating Family Outfits

Red Plaid Matching Family Flannel Pajamas – These matching jammies for the whole family include button up versions for mom and dad made of flannel and cotton pajamas for the kids (not flannel). The baby outfit even includes matching slippers!

Red Plaid Matching Family Flannel Pajamas

Let it Snow, Man Matching Family Snowman and Christmas Tree Sleepwear – This matching family Christmas ensemble also includes outfits for the dog, the cat, and a footed sleeper for the baby. Let it snow man matchiing family pajamas

And, just in case mommy is pregnant, there is a maternity version of the snowman jammies too.

Let it snow man maternity jammies

My Family Rocks Red and Black Matching Family Outfits by Footsteps Clothing

My family rocks red and black matching family pajamas

Maui Shirts: For a summer time family portrait, you can choose matching family Hawaiian outfits.

Maui Shirts

Myah & Me: These family shirt sets follow a theme. For example, the bear family set shirts say papa bear, mama bear, baby bear, etc.

Hanna Andersson: It looks like the “family Collections” matching outfits are only available at holiday time.

Hanna Andersson

Matching Mother and Daughter (and Doll) Outfits

Awesome Girl and Awesome Mom – Matching mom and daughter outfits, great for Mother’s day photos.

Awesome Girl and Awesome Mom Matching Pajamas at Amazon

Dollie & Me Matching Girls and Dolls Outfits – Miss Santa matching girls’ and dolls’ red and white dresses in sizes 2-6x.

Dollie and Me Matching Girls and Dolls Santa Dresses at Amazon

Match Me Apparel (formerly Plowshares): They have mother and child matching sets (plus dolls) as well as matching brother / sister outfits. They have dressy sets and casual sets. It’s too bad Dad is missing from the collections!

Matching Brother and Sister Outfits

Matching Red and Green Plaid Suits and Dresses for Brothers and Sisters – This set of matching sibling outfits covers size 3 months up to big kids’ size 12. It also has matching dolly dresses to fit American Girl dolls.

Matching Red and Green Plaid Suits and Dresses for Brothers and SistersMatching Red and Green Plaid Suits and Dresses for Brothers and SistersMatching Red and Green Plaid Suits and Dresses for Brothers and Sisters

CWD Kids (Cute Well-Dressed Kids): They have brother / sister coordinating sets and sister / sister ( big girl and little girl matching clothes).

Best Dressed Kids: They have matching mother / daughter dress alikes and brother / sister dress alikes.

Just Multiples: Matching outfits for twins, triplets, and other multiples.

Twin Store: More matching family outfits for sister/sister and brother/sister twins and multiples.

Matching Father and Son Outfits

Beau Ties LTD of Vermont: Matching father and son ties for all occasions. They have regular ties as well as bow ties (plus matching headbands for the girls).

Beau Ties

Matcheez: They have matching hats and matching father/son ties.

Out of Business: My Little Blessings, Dolly & Me and Nikki Knits, Jane Ellen, LainaLine, Lydia of Purple, One of a Kind Kid, Sibling Wear, Pigtails Dresses, and Storybook Heirlooms appear to no longer in business.

If you know of any other stores which offer matching family outfits or matching sibling clothes, please leave a comment below so we can add it to the list!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links and readers may assume that receives compensation when my referral links are used.

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