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Top 5 Cheap Kids' Snacks for Summer Vacation

Top 5 Cheap Snacks for Kids over Summer Vacation

The kids may be home for summer vacation and hungry all the time, but that doesn’t mean you should wreck your grocery budget by buying expensive snacks and drinks!  Frugal moms want to find the best cheap kids’ snacks that are still healthy.

Brand name cookies, crackers, chips, sodas and juice boxes might be what your children would like to munch on during summer vacation.   If they spend one hour watching Saturday morning cartoons they’ll come running to you asking for junk foods you haven’t even heard of yet! Let’s face it – those goodies are not all that healthy and are horribly overpriced.  The factor of convenience is one you have to weigh hard… is the low nutritional value and high price worth the five minutes of snack preparation you will save?

We all splurge on snack foods from time to time, and it’s hard to resist if you happen upon a really good sale or coupon opportunity.  In the meantime, we can come up with healthier, less expensive snacks to satisfy their munchies while keeping your grocery spending under control during summer vacation.

Top 5 Cheap Healthy Snacks for Kids

1.  Popcorn.  Popcorn is a cheap healthy food that’s fun to eat – what more can you ask for?  Buy REAL popcorn (not the microwavable kind) in large bags.  You’ll pay next to nothing for this great snack if you go for a generic brand in a large size and pop your own in an air popper.

2.  Homemade Popsicles (made from real juice).  There are so many different ways, shapes and sizes to make them.  Just have fun and make sure to use 100% juice that you buy on sale!

3.  Frozen Grapes.  Watch for the abundant grape sales this summer at a supermarket near you.  Your kids will have fun with this cross between fruit snacks and popsicles.  Frozen grapes are a fun treat that you won’t mind saying yes to!  Here’s how to make frozen grapes.

4.  Homemade Oatmeal Cookies.  Get the kids involved – have them help you bake this snack as a fun summer vacation time-passing project! I don’t need to remind you of the natural goodness of oatmeal and its  heart-health properties.  For added health boost, try cutting the sugar in the recipe down by substituting applesauce.

5.  Fruit kabobs.  Eating healthy food has never been more fun.  Catch your grocer’s sales on in-season summer fruits.  Cut the fruit pieces up into bite-sized chunks, then spear them into fruit kabobs.  Quick, portable, healthy and cheap!

Originally published July 2, 2008.  For more Works for Me Wednesday, visit We are That Family.

Danelle Ice is an entrepreneur in Los Angeles and mom of 3. She is the creator of and Danelle is also known as internet personality SimDanelle, the first virtual person. Danelle is a beauty guru on YouTube, vlogger, blogger, and new media darling. She is a current brand ambassador for for Keurig and previous AMD Tech Mom, Kraft Foods Delicious Byte brand ambassador, and Purex Insider.


  1. Wani
    Jul 02, 2008 @ 10:03:10

    Thanks! These are great ideas!


  2. jodi
    Jul 02, 2008 @ 11:36:57

    thanks so much – these are some great ideas that I would enjoy as well! Enjoy!


  3. Totallyscrappy
    Jul 03, 2008 @ 01:06:35

    Mmmm… frozen grapes!


  4. Home Ever After
    Jul 10, 2008 @ 10:04:24

    @Wani and Jodi: You’re welcome!

    @Totallyscrappy: My daughter loves frozen grapes; you’d think I was giving her candy as excited as she gets!

    Homemaker Barbi


  5. Sherry
    Jun 02, 2009 @ 08:38:06

    Yum! Popcorn is a fave. Dd is the only one that can eat it as ds has braces, but he can eat all the other things. :D


  6. Lisa
    Jun 02, 2009 @ 21:59:53

    These are excellent snack ideas! Thanks so much!


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