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2012 TV Shows I Couldn’t Stop Watching – Until They Paused for Summer

It’s been a long, long time since my husband and I have had a good collection of television shows that we were wrapped up in all at once.  Until this year, that is.

With the explosion of fairy tales reimagined all over the place (with a big thanks to Tim Burton and his Alice in Wonderland project for kicking off the trend), new audiences are being pulled into primetime shows right and left.

GrimmI couldn’t have stopped watching  these shows if I tried, so it’s a good thing that the end of the season has arrived with the start of summer’s heat waves. Here are my favorite primetime TV shows for this year, in no particular order.

If you’ve missed the boat on any of these shows (except Awake), there’s still time to catch up on all the missed episodes over the summer before the new TV season starts in September 2012.

And remember, we still have the new Dallas to get us through the summer!

Best TV Show – Grimm

Grimm has to be my new favorite TV show of all time.  Grimm is a sophisticated creature-based show set in modern day.

Although I’m not a fan of police dramas or crime scene investigation (CSI) shows, the fairytale element in Grimm puts a new twist on this genre that’s just plain irresistible.

If you remember your Grimm’s Fairy Tales from childhood, you may find the storylines in Grimm eerily familiar.  If your fairytale repertoire is less than perfect, don’t worry – you can read up on the extensive Grimm Wikis online to get the details.

Grimm returns Fall 2012 on Fridays at 9pm PST.

Once Upon a Time

Okay, so the list is written in a somewhat order!  I love Once Upon a Time, a television show about fairytale characters who have fallen under a curse by an evil queen to live in a modern day town, but none of them remember who they really are.  The evil queen is now the mayor, the savior comes to town to break the curse, yadda yadda.  The episodes are woven with smart flashbacks which leave just enough intrigue to keep you wondering from beginning to end.

I love Once Upon a Time, and I can’t wait for season 2!

AwakeAwake TV

I watched Awake faithfully every week, just dying to know how the writers would keep the show going past 1 season with Britten’s split lives and breakthrough flashbacks.  Apparently, the network wondered the same thing, because one of my favorite shows, Awake, got canceled.

Awake had the most compelling pilot I have ever seen in my life, hands down.  This show gave me faith in good television writing again.  At least the writers were allowed to wrap up the storyline with a good 2 part finale so that viewers weren’t left hanging and cheated out of their closure (Jericho, anyone?).

I will miss Awake and look forward to the next projects from the writers and actors.  Watch full episodes of Awake on for free here.

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory focuses on 4 extremely intelligent physics researchers and their beautiful (but not intellectual) neighbor Penny.

The jokes are funny, especially if you’ve ever been the smartest nerd in your class.  I am most decidedly like the character Sheldon Cooper, a logical “Vulcan” guy with extreme OCD, a germ freak, neat freak, and misfit with modern society!  I can’t get enough of Big Bang, and I even had dinner 2 tables over from Johnny Galecki (who plays the lead character, Leonard) a few weeks back.  Lucky me!

Mad Men

I’m far behind on Mad Men, and I’m still trying to catch up so I can watch the new season on TV with the rest of the world.  This 1960s historical drama is authentic, true to period, and has characters which are deeply created with layers of true humanity.  The lives of several key characters working at a Manhattan advertising agency are followed, swirling around the main family of the Drapers.

The details are superb, the settings, vintage clothing, and expired social norms are enough to captivate any viewer.  Mad Men is available on Netflix streaming.

Dallas Episode 2 Synopsis: Hedging Your Bets

Last Wednesday was the premiere of the new Dallas TV show, season 1 episodes 1 and 2.  If you missed them (apparently, some readers like Katie said their cable companies were blocking it from DVR!), I wrote up a play-by-play Dallas synopsis for the first two episodes of Dallas 2012. 

First, read the Dallas episode 1 synopsis.  The Dallas 2012 episode 2 synopsis is below.  Warning:  This whole post is a spoiler, so if you don’t want to know what happens on Dallas, don’t keep reading!  Check out TNT’s Dallas website for interviews and extra materials not shown in the show.  Dallas 2012 comes on Wednesdays at 9pm PT on TNT.

Dallas Episode 2 Synopsis: “Hedging Your Bets”

Christopher and Rebekah are in bed, and at the same time elsewhere Elena is reading Christopher’s supposed breakup email from the past.

JR, John Ross, and Marta are at lunch and JR tells his son, “Never pass up a good chance to shut up.” After leaving the restaurant, John Ross and Marta are kissing in the parking lot while plotting, and JR sees them out the window.  JR then knows there is more to this scheme than meets the eye.TNT Press Dallas Marta John Ross-HEA

Christopher and Rebekah wake up and she tells him their honeymoon can wait so that he can work with his dad. Bobby is in agony talking to his doctor on the phone and says to keep the surgery date and he still has to tell his family.

Out on Southfork, Ann tells Bobby that she knows about his tumor as they look at the tree with “Jock + Ellie”, “Bobby + Ann”, and “Chris + Elena” carved in it. He tells Ann that the surgery has a 70% success rate and he’ll be fine.

John Ross demands to know why Elena hasn’t returned his calls.  She asks if he sent the email and he denies it. He says that he’s always been crazy about her. Then he understands that she never broke up with Christopher and would be married to him now if it hadn’t been for someone sending her the fake breakup email. John Ross yells at her and leaves.

Ann is tending the horses on Southfork Ranch and talks to Tom, Rebekah’s brother, about staying in Dallas.  Bobby tells Christopher that he is selling Southfork so that the two cousins don’t feud.  Bobby says that he won’t change his mind because he gave his word about the sale and shook hands on it. 

Ann and Rebekah have a heart to heart talk about Elena not being a threat to her marriage.  Ann gives her the family cookbook from Miss Ellie’s mom. 

John Ross visits Bobby’s attorney, who demands more than the original $500,000 to betray Bobby.  If he doesn’t raise the pay to $2 million, he threatens to tell both Bobby and JR John Ross’ plans to drill on Southfork.TNT Press Dallas Cattle Ball

The cousins have an argument in a bar over Elena.  Elena visits Sue Ellen to borrow money for oil leases.  She agrees to give Elena the loan herself and invites her to the Cattle Baron’s Ball. 

JR and John Ross show up at the ball and JR walks in with a walker.  JR thanks Bobby for visiting him all those times.  JR approves of Ann and says she is Bobby’s soul mate.  He says that Bobby is the brother with a conscience.

Sue Ellen thanks the attendees at the ball for raising so much money.  She is asked when she intends to run for governor.

JR approaches Sue Ellen to “make amends”.  He tells her she is still the prettiest girl at the ball and that she would make a good mayor.  As JR walks away, Sue Ellen looks longingly after JR as if she wants to say something, but doesn’t.

TNT Press Dallas Sue Ellen-HEAJohn Ross and Elena meet up at a party.  She tells him she will work with him, but that they are broken up.  He runs to Marta for a tryst and asks her for $100,000 for a down payment to Bobby’s lawyer to stay in their secret deal.  Marta makes him a drink but slips something into it.  She secretly pushes a button to trigger a hidden video camera. 

Rebekah and her brother Tom have a candid discussion about working the Ewings as “a job”.  Tom tells Rebekah not to get too comfortable being Mrs. Ewing.  We then realize that the pair may not be brother and sister at all and are likely 2 con artists.

John Ross hires a private investigator to find out who sent Elena the breakup email.

We see JR walking into a mansion in Mexico.  He catches up with Marta’s dad and JR makes a comment about the deal he’s doing with Marta. 

They both realize that something is wrong with this story, because Mr. Del Sol calls his daughter to come into the room.  The real Marta walks in, and it is a different woman than the “Marta” who was on Southfork. 

Disclaimer:  This article has no material connections.  IS World Media (ISWM) received no fees for the writing or publication. Images and video used with permission by Turner Entertainment Networks, Inc.

Dallas Episode 1 Synopsis

We just finished watching the new Dallas TV show, season 1 episode 1.  If you missed it and can’t wait to find out what happened, here’s the Dallas episode 1 synopsis.  Warning:  This whole post is a spoiler, so if you don’t want to know what happens on Dallas, don’t keep reading! 

Dallas Episode 1 Synopsis

Bobby sits in his doctor’s office and receives the news that he is dying from stomach cancer.  Bobby tells the doctor not to tell anyone, even his family, since his son is getting married in a few days.

The scene cuts to John Ross and his girlfriend Elena near a secret oil well on Southfork Ranch.  A celebration breaks out as they strike oil and crude shoots up into the air.

JR is in a facility for clinical depression and he sits without talking or response.  Bobby goes to visit JR and confides that he wishes they hadn’t always been enemies and that he doesn’t want Christopher and John Ross to continue their feud.  Bobby leaves the visit with the sentiment that he still loves JR, but JR is unresponsive.

Elena is made a substitute bridesmaid in Rebekah and Christopher’s wedding and we find out that Elena used to date Christopher before getting together with John Ross.

Bobby announces that he’s going to sell Southfork, which angers John Ross.  John Ross takes Bobby to see the secret drilling spot so that he knows Southfork is rich with oil.  A heated argument breaks out between Elena, Bobby, John Ross and Christopher. 

Bobby reminds them all that he promised Miss Ellie that he would never drill on Southfork.  John Ross insults Miss Ellie and Bobby tells him never to say his mama’s name again.  John Ross then insults Christopher, saying that his father sold him when he was little and that Bobby isn’t really his dad.  Christopher jumps on John Ross and they start to fight.

A sheriff enters and serves Bobby papers – an injunction against the sale of Southfork and having Miss Ellie’s will overturned for mental incompetency.

TNT Press Dallas Marta-HEABobby rides out to the oil well with a police officer and has John Ross served with papers to stop drilling.  The oil crew walks away, even as John Ross tells them to keep working, saying that they aren’t going to mess with Bobby Ewing since it’s his ranch.

Elena and Rebekah are in the bridal store looking at wedding dresses.  Rebekah says she knows that Christopher had a broken heart when she met him.  Sue Ellen and Ann arrive discussing the sale of Southfork and Elena looks visibly upset. 

A video chat reveals that Christopher’s harvesting methane may have triggered an earthquake.  Their project is shut down until they can tell for sure if their methods are safe.

John Ross visits JR, who appears to be sleeping, and tells him that Bobby is selling Southfork.  He hit a 2 billion barrel reserve and Bobby won’t let him drill.  For the first time, JR speaks in a crackling, fragile voice.  “Bobby was always a fool, stubborn as a mule, and particularly harebrained about that foundling, Christopher.  Not even a Ewing…  We’ve got some catching up to do, son.  By the way, I forgive you for not visiting.”

John Ross convinces Elena to spy on Christopher and find out what he is working on in alternative energy.  As she breaks in, Christopher wakes up on the couch.  He admits that the earthquake happened and that they can’t continue working on it.  Elena asks him if he’s happy and he asks why she’s there.  Elena gives him back a ring box and leaves hastily.  Elena goes back to John Ross and tells him that Christopher didn’t want to talk about it. 

Bobby wakes up with stomach pains and Ann goes to get him medicine.  She hears a sound and grabs a shotgun.  She takes aim at a thief in Bobby’s desk and chases him but he gets away.  She re-enters the office and stumbles upon a prescription bottle with Bobby’s name on it.  The police leave from taking the report and Bobby goes back to bed.

Christopher’s lab partner takes a roll of cash to let someone hack into their computers.  Meanwhile, Ann looks up the medicine and finds out that it is to treat Bobby’s tumors.

A helicopter flies in Marta del Sol, a woman from the Del Sol conservancy, to the Southfork wedding setup for Christopher and Rebekah.  They fly over the grounds and she promises that the land will be protected from development.  They agree to move forward on the Southfork deal.

Lucy appears at the wedding with Ray Krebbs.  John Ross approaches the wedding and Bobby tells him not to make a scene and ruin his son’s wedding.

Sue Ellen and John Ross have a heated discussion with him blaming her for putting him in boarding school instead of letting him learn the oil business from his dad.  Sue Ellen says she has changed and she is his ally with connections.

John Ross lets Christopher know about the danger of his alternative energy project.  He threatens to expose Christopher unless he convinces Bobby to take Southfork off the market. 

Christopher yells at Elena and accuses her of telling John Ross his secret.  She slaps him.  She says she got an email on the day they were supposed to get married that said they were a mistake.  He says he waited at the altar for 6 hours and she never showed.  He says she went to Mexico and got together with John Ross.  They lean in for an almost-kiss.  Christopher runs outside and confronts John Ross and says, “I know it was you”.

Christopher tells Bobby about the earthquake and that he won’t move forward until they make it safe.  Bobby and Ms. del Sol shake on the deal and John Ross walks away in anger.  The wedding continues and Christopher marries Rebekah. 

John Ross is drunk stumbling in to see JR.  Marta is in the room with JR. He says her daddy and JR go way back.  JR laughs, “Blood may be thicker than water, but oil is thicker than both.”

Marta and John Ross meet up on the Dallas Cowboys football field to set up a secret alliance against JR. 

Check out TNT’s Dallas website for interviews and extra materials not shown in the show, too!  Dallas comes on Wednesdays on TNT.

Countdown to the New Dallas – Tonight!


Countdown to the New Dallas TV Show Tonight!

Remember when we announced the new Dallas TV show last week?  The day has finally come for the debut of everybody’s favorite family rivalry as old as black gold – that is the Ewings in the oil business.

Tonight, TNT is giving us all a special treat with a 2 hour series premiere of Dallas.  That’s right – we get to see 2 brand new episodes of Dallas tonight instead of just 1!

Get tons of Dallas teaser information at TNT’s Dallas site here.  Remember that if you’re playing the Dallas Rise to Power game, you’ll need to go to their site and pick which character you think will ultimately “win” in the Ewing oil business.  I picked Ann Ewing, Bobby’s new wife, as my character.  How many of you will pick JR Ewing, just for old times sake?

Catch the Dallas 2 hour premiere tonight, Wednesday, June 13 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.  In case you haven’t been re-watching all those seedy seasons of the old Dallas and need a quick catch up on what’s going on in the Ewing family, we have a short 6 minute recap video below that will take you back to Southfork Ranch like it was yesterday!

Disclaimer:  This article has no material connections.  IS World Media (ISWM) received no fees for the writing or publication. Images and video used with permission by Turner Entertainment Networks, Inc.

New Dallas 2012 TV Show Starts June 13th!


Just when we thought all the great shows were on break for summertime, someone just sent a tall frosty set of 10 episodes of Dallas 2012 your way! 

If you just never got over Dallas being over (raising hand enthusiastically in the front row), your dreams are about to come true.  The new TNT television series Dallas is ready to start with a back-stabbing, cowboy-hat-wearing 2 hour premiere on June 13, 2012 at 8pm Central time.  Finally, something my husband, mother, mother-in-law, and me will all have in common…

You can see that the cast of characters has some old favorites and some new faces as well.  Several of the original characters in the original series either died (in real life) or left the show and won’t be back.  Miss Ellie Ewing (Barbara Bel Geddes) passed away in 2005, as did Jock Ewing (played by Jim Davis) in 1981.

Pam Ewing (played by Victoria Principal), Bobby’s first wife, left the show, and he’s since had 2 more wives.  Good ol’ Bobby always was a ladies man!  His new wife, Ann Ewing, has stepped in as the matriarch at Southfork Ranch.  From appearances, she’s a younger, more modern version of Miss Ellie. 

Who Will Be Back in Dallas 2012?

Yes, that’s good-goody Bobby Ewing right there in the middle (photo, above), with J.R. right behind him, as always.  Who else is coming back in Dallas 2012?

  • Sue Ellen Ewing (played by Linda Gray)
  • J.R. Ewing (played by Larry Hagman)
  • Bobby Ewing (played by Patrick Duffy)
  • Lucy Ewing (played by Charlene Tilton)
  • Ray Krebbs (played by Steve Kanaly)
  • Cliff Barnes (played by Ken Kercheval)

Can’t Get Enough Dallas!

The original Dallas television show ran for an amazing 13 seasons from 1978-1991.  My husband and I started re-watching the series from the beginning several years ago, before learning there would be a tv continuation on the horizon.  We didn’t make it past Season 8, but around that time characters were dying and leaving the storyline anyway.

The nostalgia factor is high on the Dallas 2012 series, after all – you either watched this show as an adult the first time around or you watched with with your parents (that was me).  My mom was always more of a Knots Landing girl (a spinoff show from the original Dallas), but my childhood memories are still filled with sleepless nights wondering who shot J.R!

Dallas 2012 Episode List

Episode #


Air Date

1 "Pilot: Changing of the Guard" June 13, 2012
2 "Hedging Your Bets" June 13, 2012
3 "The Price You Pay" June 20, 2012
4 "The Last Hurrah" June 27, 2012
5 "Truth and Consequences" July 11, 2012
6 "The Enemy of My Enemy" July 18, 2012
7 "Collateral Damage" July 25, 2012
8 "No Good Deed" August 1, 2012
9 "Family Business" August 8, 2012
10 "Revelations" August 15, 2012

Stay tuned for our Dallas 2012 Episode Guide!  Seriously, who could keep us away from Dallas this summer?