Prynne’s First Haircut – The Last First

So many milestones are emotional for us parents but really won’t mean anything to our kids until they’re grown up.  My youngest baby, my almost-1-year-old Prynne, just got her first haircut. 

This event wasn’t something I got emotional about for the other kids, but Prynne is bringing up the end of the parade as the last baby in the family.  Therefore, her first haircut is the last first haircut there will be… until grandkids, that is.


Prynne's First Haircut 1-2-12 (2)-HEAPrynne's First Haircut 1-2-12 (5)-HEA

Prynne still doesn’t have much hair, since she’s only 11 months old.  However, she had grown hair to a point down the center of her forehead which made her look like Kenickie from the movie Grease!  Clearly, it was time for Prynne’s first haircut.

I took on the huge project of the 1-snip baby bangs trim!  I combed her hair point together:

Prynne's First Haircut 1-2-12 (4)-HEA

Next, daddy took pictures while I made the first and last snip of the baby haircut:

Prynne's First Haircut 1-2-12 (6)-HEA


With her greaser hairstyle gone and baby bangs finally where they belonged, we jazzed up her hairdo with a pretty pink headband!Prynne's First Haircut 1-2-12 (9)-HEA

Ta Da!  Prynne shows off her new bangs for the camera!

Prynne's First Haircut 1-2-12 (10)-HEA

Of course, Prynne took the headband off right after we snapped the pictures, but now she has bangs and not mis-matched hair lengths growing at different speeds!  And now that the last first haircut is behind us, we’re dreading the emotions of the last first birthday next month!

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