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I’m an Infomercial Lover – FlavorWave Oven Turbo Video

I’m an infomercial lover, and I’ll tell you why.  Infomercials are the only way you can have a product thoroughly explained and completed demonstrated for you, while being shown exactly how to use the item and shown the features and benefits.  It’s the perfect way to know whether or not your really want to buy! 

Last week, I was lying awake in bed and decided to flip through the channels to check out some infomercials.  I watched an infomercial for the FlavorWave Turbo oven, and was so impressed I found the video on YouTube and had my husband watch it with me the next day.  The infomercial has Mr. T in it as a co-host (which is how I got my husband to watch it), so how can you go wrong?! 

The FlavorWave Turbo is a convection oven that cooks with convection, infrared, and halogen heat to cook your food faster and with less fat.  It even quickly cooks frozen meat which wasn’t defrosted.

I’ll be ordering the FlavorWave oven soon to test out for a review on our new review site, We Try Everything.  It looks like a fantastic way for busy moms to cook healthy food in limited time with almost no kitchen cleanup.  That sounds like a perfect kitchen appliance to me! 

I had to share the video of the full infomercial with you below so you can see what you think.  I’ve read tons of customer reviews online from FlavorWave users who have been using it for years.  I have to find out for myself what all the hype is about.  Is this just another useless kitchen gadget that we’ll get excited about but then never use?  Watch the video below for yourself and see what you think.

Where to Buy the FlavorWave for the Cheapest Price

If you’re going to buy the FlavorWave Turbo, buy it through this Amazon link because you’ll get it cheaper than by calling the 800 number.  When you buy the Flavorwave Oven from Amazon, you pay only $119.00 with free super saver shipping. 

You can also buy the FlavorWave accessory set from Amazon for $29.99 with free shipping (much cheaper than buying the pieces directly from the company).  The accessory set has a breakfast rack, grilling plate (for bbq), pizza tray, and steaming basket.

Don’t call in to order or order from their website.  When you call to order, they make you pay shipping and handling.  The company’s website is also more expensive than Amazon (they make you pay S&H too, so your total comes out to $137.82).  The shipping charge can be more than that, depending on where you live. 

(Subscribers will need to click through to this article to watch the video.)

Kitchen Tip: Use Your Oven's Peep Hole

Valuable energy (and dollars spent on utilities) can be wasted by using your oven improperly.  Even energy efficient models of appliances are designed to be efficient only when used correctly.

Kitchen Tip:  Use Your Oven’s Peep Hole!

Exterior doors on homes and apartments have peep holes for a very good reason – so you can see what’s on the other side without having to open the door.  Kitchen ovens have a “peep hole” also (a window on the front door) for the same reason! 

Perhaps the most common mistake people make with kitchen appliances is opening the oven door every time they want to check on the food that is cooking.  This unintentional blunder can drive up your utility bill and force you to cook foods for longer times than directed in your recipes.  Heat escaping the oven can also make extra work for air conditioners in the summer months.

According to Newmarket Hydro Ltd., a utility company with great energy conservation programs in Ontario, Canada, opening an oven door while in use causes 20% of the heat to escape.  Calculations vary, with some sources saying the temperature drops as much as 25° each time the door is opened!  That heat loss means food will actually be cooking at a lower temperature, requiring time to be added onto the directed cooking time.  It is more efficient to look through the window and only open the door when the food inside must be stirred or toothpick-tested.

Keep the oven door closed while cooking and use the conveniently located window on the front to view  food instead! 

Photo courtesy of stock.xchng.