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Email Forward of the Week: 9 Reasons Why Men Die First {Photos}

We received a fantastic email forward from Cari that was hilarious:  Why Men Die First.  These photos will make all of the moms out there cringe.  My first thought was how fast I’d faint if I saw my husband or son doing any of these safety hazards! 

Take a look for yourself at the 9 photos below of why men die first.  I’m sure some of them have been photoshopped for shock value, but it’s worth a laugh anyway!

9 Reasons Why Men Die First


If you have concerns about the use of these photos for rights reasons, please leave a comment on this post with details.

Truett’s Prayer- TGIF for Toddlers?

My son Truett just said an unusual prayer for his snack. Apparently even kids like Fridays best.  This prayer brings a whole new meaning to the phrase TGIF (Thank God it’s Friday)!

It went like this:

“Dear God,

Thank you for this food.  Thank you for mommy, Truett, Seven, daddy, and Hannah coming home at 5 o’clock. Thank you for this day, because I like Friday.  But not Monday.

In Jesus’ name,


Our Free Samples are So Hot They’re Driving People to a Life of Crime!

Think that headline is just a gimmick to get you to read this article? No such chance! I’m sorry to say that Home Ever After’s free samples are so great they are now driving people to a life of crime. People, anonymous people, people whose identities I will never discover… “What is she talking about?” you may be asking. I’ll tell you the sad tale!

Today I went to the post office and was overjoyed to receive my free sample in the mail from Walmart of Weather Works Frizz Ease shampoo, conditioner, and style sealant creme. Or so I thought. When I attempted to open the postcard to get the freebies out, the seal on the postcard had been broken. Peering inside curiously, a chilling discovery was made: the samples WERE GONE! The gummy adhesive strips that had once held my coveted samples to the paper were still intact, but were no longer safely transporting my free products.

The Suspects:

Who even has access to a piece of mail in transit? I have no idea! My guesses (complete speculation) include postal workers at the distribution/sorting center, postal workers at the local post office, mail carriers, Walmart sample processing employees, and maybe Walmart’s couriers who drive the samples to be mailed out. I have no idea how many hands touched my sample postcard before it reached its final destination, but in my mind, everybody and anybody is a suspect…

The Downside:

This free sample is no longer available to request from Walmart. I could email Walmart and ask for a replacement, but the samples have probably already run out (since it’s not available anymore). Now I will never know if these 3 products are worth purchasing with my frugal money!

Missing Samples: A Cold Case in the Making?

With no leads and no desire to investigate further, this sample-thievery has all the makings of a cold case- an unsolved mystery, if you will. It’s true we may never know who stole the John Frieda Weather Works Frizz Ease shampoo, conditioner and serum, but I’m not going to lose any sleep over the matter. I will be strong and live to request free samples for another day.

Word to the Wise:

Don’t be driven to a life of crime! I know Home Ever After’s free samples are out of sight, but don’t take them from mailboxes! Instead, sign up for our free RSS feed to be notified of great freebies when they become available and request them. You’ll be glad you did when you starting receiving tons of free stuff in the mail!

This article has been brought to you by the crime busters at Home Ever After, bringing a smile to your day with tales of sample sniping!

The 99¢ Menu is Now the… $1.79 Menu?!

Tales of Recession Dining, aka The 99¢ menu at Wendy’s is now the $1.79 menu!

My husband got back from his 2 week exile business trip to a remote village and we went restaurant and fast food crazy! We’re normally very well behaved when it comes to not eating out, but this weekend qualified as an exception. We went to Denny’s Friday night after I picked him up from the airport, Wendy’s Saturday before our movie date and Taco Bell on Sunday after some errands. Needless to say, we’re off fast food until the next qualified exception (probably a few months!). However, our restaurant experiences were enlightening ones, and I’ll tell you why.

Since we don’t go to restaurants normally, I’ve been taking it on good faith t o hear my blog friends talk about the restaurants raising menu prices while decreasing portions. Boy was it shocking to see first-hand!


The days of yore: Denny’s cheeseburgers were large restaurant-sized juicy grilled burgers. You got a generous helping of fries which occupied all the empty space on the plate, and the meal was so large it was hard for me to finish.

Now: The cheeseburger was almost the size of McDonalds fare… a super thin, dry meat patty was surrounded on its plate by a single layer of french fries (about 1/3 the normal serving size, spread out over the whole plate 1-fry deep)!


The good old days: Juicy hot burgers, made to order (if you asked for something special, at least – then they made you a fresh one).

Now: We order 2 cheeseburgers, one for each of us. Both: no onions. His: no pickles. Mine: extra pickles. Pretty simple, or so I thought.

Round 1: We got our order and sat down to discover 2 identical cheeseburgers with both onions and pickles! Not only were our burgers wrong, the meat was old & cold. Hubby took them back to the counter.

Round 2: He sat down with 2 different burgers. We opened them to discover that neither had onions, but both had pickles. And they’d forgotten to put cheese on both of our cheeseburgers! Hubby went back to the counter again.

Round 3: This time he sat down with 2 new burgers. They didn’t take back the last 2 wrong ones, so we now had 4 burgers at our table and 2 had gone into the trash behind the counter. All the ingredients were right this time, but the burgers were barely warm. We were now in danger of missing our movie, so we just ate the last set of cheeseburgers and took our extras with us. We could at least add slices of cheese to them at home.

Beside the cooking difficulty, the other issue of interest at Wendy’s was the menu’s inflation. The 99¢ value menu which contains side dishes and 4-piece chicken nuggets has been inflated to the $1.79 menu. The prices of all combo meals were also about $2 higher than the last time we visited a Wendy’s restaurant.

I feel compelled to deliver these basic observations to the restaurant/franchise owners of Denny’s and Wendy’s (and all restaurant owners, for that matter).

To Denny’s: I understand that food costs are up, I really do. But if you’re going to shrink the portions, use smaller plates so it’s not so ugly and obvious! One more word of advice: if you’re cutting the beef portion by 1/3 for a cheeseburger, please, for the decency of cheeseburgers everywhere: cut the cooking time by 1/3 as well so we’re not eating cardboard!

To Wendy’s: I understand that food prices are high, and restaurants are affected by them as much as consumers. However, I have to wonder if the prices are up so much because they actually made 6 cheeseburgers to fill the order we placed for 2 cheeseburgers! How much perfectly good food goes into the trash can or walks out the door for free, and the extra expense is passed onto the consumer by way of higher menu prices?!

And there you have it folks, our intriguing tales of shrinking food, rising prices, and poor service in the thick of Recession Dining!

For more Talk About Tuesday, visit Lazy Organizer. Thanks to MorgueFile for the photo.