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Holiday Entertaining

$250 Giveaway: Make Christmas Dinner Easier With LG!

Update: This giveaway is now closed.  See the winner announcement here!

Come Dine with Me & LG

Come Dine With Me and LG!

I’m giving away a $250 American Express gift card to one lucky winner to make their holiday dinner spectacular! Keep reading to find out how to enter.

Most of us look forward to the excitement of holiday entertaining for the fun parts: the decorating, the creativity, the wonderful foods, creating a complete Christmas experience for your guests, and enjoying the great company.  It’s no secret that we dread some of the not-so-glamorous behind the scenes work that goes along with hosting a big holiday dinner, like the prep-work, size and storage issues, and most of all – the clean up!

If we could all volunteer for the fun jobs and outsource the dirty work to someone else, the total holiday dinner hosting package would get a lot sweeter.  We want our kitchens to look like the beautiful kitchens pictured here before, during, and after Christmas dinner!

Since outsourcing may be out of the question, let’s look at how we can make the tedious underbelly of Christmas dinner ramp up and clean up better with smarter, harder working home appliances by LG.

Come Dine with Me & LG

I’ll use myself as an example in a typical holiday dinner hosting scenario.  I have the same challenges as everybody else when it comes to the large scale of Christmas entertaining in a home meant to accommodate, cook for, and host only one family.  LG appliances can really save the day with my 3 biggest holiday dinner problem areas.

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9 Tips for Having a Great Holiday Party

A Perfect Christmas at

Many people host holiday parties in their homes at this time of year, but there are often small details that get overlooked during the preparation.  This list of 9 tips for having a great holiday party (complete with Christmas party shopping list) will help you remember these little things while you’re still in the planning phase.Christmas Kris de Curtis-web

9 Tips that Make Holiday Party Prep Easy

1.  Expect 1/3 of the people you invited to attend, but plan for double. You never know how many people will really attend your Christmas party, and it’s better to be prepared for more than to fall short of food or supplies.

2.  Shop in advance. Shopping for your Christmas party’s food and supplies well in advance will ease your stress and make you less likely to panic if the first store is out of what you need. 

3.  Make a complete list of holiday party supplies and food items before shopping. This list could include:

Christmas waltz

  • Napkins and tablecloths
  • Paper plates, plastic spoons and forks, plastic cups
  • Platters and serving dishes
  • Serving utensils such as large spoons and pie servers
  • Finger foods and hors d’oeuvres
  • Ingredients for all main dishes and desserts
  • Juice, soda, or bottled water
  • Alcoholic beverages and mixers needed to make holiday cocktails
  • Bottle opener for wine or bottle cider
  • Extra toilet paper and paper towels
  • Christmas CDs or MP3s (if you’re planning to play your own holiday music)
  • Disposable cameras for guests to use and leave with you afterwards (this is a great way to ensure you get a lot of pictures from your party)
  • Extra chairs or folding tables


Holiday Party Bathroom Prep

4.  Take anything out of the medicine cabinet you don’t want seen,  including prescriptions and other personal items.  It’s a well known fact that humans are curious creatures, and if guests use your bathroom the desire to snoop might be overwhelming!

5.  Don’t make people dry their hands on your used bath towel.  Either put out fresh towels on a towel rack or paper towels, but please don’t make people go over to your shower to look for something to dry their hands on!

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Christmas Tablescapes: A Retro Drinktastic Holiday

096We’ve got a ton of great Christmas tablescapes to share this week, and this one is for a retro drinks setup.  Imagine setting a table before the meal just for the cocktails or mocktails and appetizers, reminiscent of  1950s/1960s entertaining.  That’s what we’ve done with this retro drinktastic tablescape!

We’ve done the first course of our holiday meal with a gorgeous but casual red and green plaid tablescape with gold accents.  This is the appetizers and drinks course, so the place settings are missing and the 2 metallic gold placemats house the non-alcoholic cider bottles and the gold-rimmed glasses.



We achieved a more casual look by using a plaid tablecloth and a rustic wicker basket in the centerpiece (this is fitting for an Alaskan tablescape, isn’t it?).  We showed you how to make the Serving Basket Christmas Centerpiece here.

Our viney wine holder stands behind the centerpiece with the candles all lit up (pictured at left).  We shared about the LED candles here

Once the guests arrive, the wine or cider bottles are moved out to the placemats with glasses, ready to be served (see below). Replace the wine holder with a vase of flowers or, in our case, a potted poinsettia.  Feel free to add hors d’oeuvres to the table at this time as well. 


For an extra special touch, you can replace the round gold placemats with round serving trays. This way your tablescape will be portable as you have someone take the drinks around to your guests.






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