Breathable Baby Breathable Crib Bumper

The Breathable Crib Bumper by Breathable Baby is supposed to put parents’ minds at ease about their baby’s crib safety.  Watch my video below to see how we fared in using the Breathable Bumper.

Since recording this video, I’ve actually used this bumper again on my newest baby.  Unlike my last daughter, Prynne thrashes so much that she gets her limbs stuck through the crib slats every time I put her down to sleep.  The reservations I had before about using the Breathable Bumper have been outweighed by the fact that my baby can’t yet control her body enough not to get hurt in the crib slats.

While she’s in this phase, I’ll leave the Breathable Bumpers in the crib.  After she’s grown enough to not get entangled in the crib slats, I’ll be removing the bumpers again for the same reasons as described in the video.


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