Halloween Directory: Free Halloween Crafts, Coloring Pages & Projects

Halloween calls for celebration and decoration, and we’ve got plenty for you and your kids to do!  Turn your home into a Halloween haunted house with the many fun Halloween kids’ crafts and decorations projects (they’re fun for adults too – you’ll see!).  Even cut loose with free Halloween coloring pages for the kiddies or for your Halloween party’s coloring contest.

If you’ve found more free Halloween craft, project, or homeschool resources, let us know in the comments and we’ll add them to the directory.  Happy Halloween!

Free Halloween Crafts and Fun Projects

1.  Free kids’ Halloween activities:  This list has tons of different ideas and projects perfect for kids of different ages.

2.  Halloween paper bag puppets

3.  Halloween paper mache craft projects:

4.  Halloween tree ornaments

5.  Pumpkin craft projects.  This list has really crafty Halloween projects. Here are just a few:


Free Halloween Printable Coloring Pages


Halloween Miscellaneous Free Stuff

  • Scary Halloween sounds
  • Halloween songs: Includes songs like Psycho theme, Thriller, Jaws theme, Ghostbusters and more.
  • More scary Halloween sound effects
  • Christian alternative activities to Halloween for our home school friends that would rather not celebrate.


Pay Resources

We also found some other Halloween goodies that require you to pay for a membership: