The Airlines Stole Our Peanuts! What’s Next?

The data from a new air travel survey was released yesterday from the Travel Industry Association, revealing some interesting facts. The 6 page air travel report is an eye-opening read.  I was intrigued by the information compiled in what is being called a “first of its kind”* study and it’s strong emphasis on the state of our current economy. Then the shocker hit: US Air will stop serving snacks on their flights June 1st! They stole our peanuts! What’s next? Homemaker Barbi’s resident predictor (aka my husband) forecasts that in-flight drinks will be the next to go, eliminating all drinks except water. I have to agree with his prognostication, and this is why:

The TIA’s survey showed that:“With rising fuel prices already weighing heavily on American pocketbooks, we need to find ways to encourage Americans to continue their business and leisure travel. Unfortunately, just the opposite appears to be happening.” – Roger Dow, President and CEO of TIA

  • In the last year, people took 41 million fewer air trips
  • As a result, the airlines lost $9.4 billion
  • The vacations that didn’t happen also cost hotels $5.6 billion and restaurants $3.1 billion

The price of fuel is hurting everyone: missed vacations and business trips for people who now can’t afford to fly, the airlines losing revenue and having to cut flights, the hotels and restaurants who don’t have vacationers to patronize their establishments, and most of all – the poor souls who can actually afford to get on an airplane that now get NO PEANUTS!

Okay, just a little humor to break up the statistics. Seriously though, the small decisions we make every day have large and lasting effects. When we travel less because we can’t afford it, the travel industry makes less money. The loss in revenue for all these businesses means that they will be cutting jobs and laying off employees. Those employees who may be losing their jobs are people just like you and me, who may be barely getting by right now. Would you be prepared financially if you or your spouse suddenly became unemployed tomorrow?

It all comes back to realizing that we are all in this together. You and I do a great frugal job of spending less: we use coupons, walk to work, we stretch our dollars. These tactics are a great way to help our immediate family situation in this moment, but there are long-lasting effects on a much larger scale. Now we just need the government to figure out how to work together and solve the economic crisis of this recession as well as all of us help each other in the blogosphere to live frugally!

*quoted, Study only covered travel in the US. Thanks to MorgueFile for the photo.