Life Tips from Mary Kay: Plan Your Days and Make Each One Count

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Life Tips for Women from Mary Kay Ash has great advice every week for moms, working moms, single moms, married women, and more. The book I’m quoting from is called Mary Kay by Mary Kay Ash, the founder of the legendary cosmetics company.  You can read more about the Life Tips for Women from Mary Kay Ash series.

Plan Your Days & Make Each One Count

“Have you ever had one of those Saturdays  when you got up in the morning and didn’t have a single thing planned for the day?  You drift from one thing to another, and by the end of the day you realize that you haven’t accomplished a thing.  You feel empty and depressed and frustrated; you’ve wasted a day you’ll never get a a chance to relive. 

Well, just as you drifted through an entire day, some people drift through a week, a month, a year – and even a lifetime.”

                                       -Mary Kay, p. 93

Can you relate? I certainly can.  How frustrating to feel like we trudge through our days and look back only to realize that we haven’t accomplished anything.  Even worse- do you feel like you didn’t accomplish anything that mattered? 

Make Your Top Priorities of the Day List

First thing in the morning, I find that making a list of your few most important things to do for the day can keep this from happening.  This list is like your map for the day, and no matter how many unexpected things pop up at the last minute, you can find a way to get your 3 or 4 items done and checked off.

The top priorities list isn’t only about productivity; it’s about accomplishment.  Looking at this list at the end of the day, you can see how you spent your time and feel good about doing what you set out to do. 

Keep the top priorities list short and sweet, and make sure that there aren’t only mundane tasks on the list.

Projects That Matter to Your Life

How many days do you spend any time working on a project that matters to your life?  Dishes and cooking may be everyday necessities, but are these tasks that change and shape the overall course of your life?  Probably not. 

Identify a project right now that is important to you and matters to the bigger picture in your life.  Are you an aspiring author? If so, add a task each day to spend just 10 minutes writing.  Are you a scrapbook lover who longs to preserve your family memories, but never has time to do the huge project of sorting all your photos from the last decade?  Start small and add a task to your priorities list to do one small part of your memory book each day.  Spend 10 short minutes printing out pictures from this week, or find a template to create 1 page for photos from yesterday. 

These small tasks don’t seem like much work and won’t take much time from your day, but planning your days with projects that matter to your life will make a huge difference to your life’s path in the big picture.

Love Your Life Challenge:  

  • Identify a project that matters to your life.  Big or small, only choose one project to focus on for now.
  • Find a small task you can do several times a week to work on this project.  10 minutes, 1 page, 1 chapter… however it is measured, start small.
  • When you look back on your week, appreciate the time you planned and accomplished, and look at how it will change your life over time, week by week.
  • Let us know in the comments below if you’re taking this challenge, and what your project is. 

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