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The Firm Zip Trainer Fitness Challenge: Start + What’s in the Box

I know you’re ready to see what came in the Firm Zip Trainer box, so watch my short video introducing this workout system.  I even show you the pieces that came with the Zip Trainer and how to put them together.  Enjoy!

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Disclaimer: Home Ever After received no fees for the writing or publication of this post. Danelle Ice’s honest opinions are given. The Zip Trainer by The FIRM system was provided to Home Ever After at no cost by Gaiam, Inc. to facilitate the review process. We cannot make claims as to the typical results users should expect from this product.

Time to Start the FIRM Zip Trainer Fitness Challenge!

Zip Trainer Fitness Challenge Danelle Ice


Remember when I hinted that something exciting was happening today?  It is!  I’m starting a brand new fitness challenge with The FIRM Zip Trainer system!  I want to get my flat stomach back and get back into my regular clothes.

Here’s why I need to do this fitness challenge:

→  I’m still 42 pounds overweight from having my 3 children and I’m ready for the Zip Trainer to get me back my pre-baby body.

→  Besides the extra 42 pounds on my entire body, I’m up from my pre-baby size 3 to my current size 13.

→  My belly is still as big as a 6-months pregnant woman.

→  I still look pregnant and people are constantly asking when my baby is due!

→  My youngest baby turns 3 years old in 3 weeks.  It’s time to stop looking pregnant!


Now it’s time for another fitness challenge!


You know from past fitness challenges that I love to do these real-life experiments with exercise systems to see how well they work and if they’re worth the time and money.

A few years back I tried The Firm Express, which was a 30 day program, and tracked my results here on Home Ever After for all the readers to see (and to keep me accountable to my workout program!).

How the Zip Trainer Fitness Challenge will Work

To start off 2014 right, I’ll be using the Zip Trainer by The FIRM to complete their 60 day exercise program and report my weight loss and measurements.  This is an intense 2 month workout program that requires you to do at least one 15-20 minute workout every day (except Sunday, when you can choose to drop a workout and rest instead).

I’ve already started the Zip Trainer workouts, since the program starts on a Monday.  Additionally, I’ve done my before pictures, initial measurements and weigh in (which you’ll see in the before post).

Why My Fitness Challenges Show True Results

When I do a fitness challenge, I like to keep as many controls in the experiment constant.  I’m only testing the system, so I want to determine what results an average woman can expect from only doing the exercise program.

I want to verify the results from their workouts alone by just doing the workouts.  Lots of systems claim you’ll lose sizes/pounds if you do the exercise and nutrition program and take supplements.


But I’m a real person just like you – busy and realistic.

→  I don’t have time to change my diet and eat weird foods like shark meat and rare greens I’ve never seen in a grocery store!  I’m a busy mom who still has to cook meals for my kids and it wouldn’t be practical for me to cook different meals for myself.

→  I don’t have hours a day to spend in the gym.  I want to find workouts that deliver amazing results in minimal time.

→  I don’t have advanced athletic ability and muscle strength after 3 pregnancies to do very difficult exercise moves (like in P90x).  I want workouts that are okay for post-delivery (especially c-section) moms to do safely.

I Keep it Real and Controlled

To make sure I’m testing only the results of the Zip Trainer workouts and equipment, I will NOT be changing my diet at all.  I’ll continue to eat the same foods and continue with my normal activities.

I also will not be doing any additional exercise outside of the ZIP Trainer work outs (no treadmill, no Zumba, no Just Dance games on Xbox).  No supplementing workouts or cardio is allowed during my fitness challenges, although you may want to customize when you do an exercise program in real life.

For the experiment, we’re going to find out the true results and just how well The FIRM Zip Trainer system works, plain and simple.

Make sure you subscribe to our free updates so you can follow along with the challenge and get each post delivered to you in email or RSS.  If you want to do this fitness challenge too, check with your doctor first and let us know in the comments below if you’re doing the program.

Next, I’ll be sharing the ZIP Trainer unboxing and my before pictures and measurements (oh my!).

Disclaimer:  Home Ever After received no fees for the writing or publication of this post.  Danelle Ice’s honest opinions are given.  The Zip Trainer by The FIRM system was provided to Home Ever After at no cost by Gaiam, Inc. to facilitate the review process.  We cannot make claims as to the typical results users should expect from this product. 

Shhh! Guess What’s Coming…

Shh Guess What's Coming

Shhh!  Guess what’s coming…  I can’t  tell you the secret yet (but you can see a giant box above that says Zip Trainer by The FIRM)!  I can’t tell you (or show you) much yet, but I’ll give you a few hints:

**Hint 1)  You’ll find out what’s going on this Tuesday.

    **Hint 2)  We haven’t had a fitness challenge in a while.

I hate to keep secrets, but trust me – you are going to be as blown away by this one as I was!  Come back to Home Ever After on Tuesday to see the top secret surprise hiding in the picture above.

At Home Fitness: Assisted Squats with Kim Lyons [Video]

Even if you’re stuck in side this winter, you can still get fit and healthy by doing exercises at home.  With at home fitness, you don’t even have to pay for gym dues or for gas to drive to and from the gym. 

One of my favorite trainers, Kim Lyons, shows us 2 specific types of assisted squats.  This means you can get a nice rear view to keep your figure in shape through the cold months and ready for next summer!

(Subscribers will need to click through to this article to watch the video.)

Want more? We’ve got lots of How To videos and instructions!

What Happened to the Firm Express Experiment?

Danelle and Truett 10-8-11-HEAI loved the Firm Express Get Fit in 30 program and I’m going to do it again!

During the first cycle I lost 8 pounds and 11.5”, and I only completed 3 out of the 4 weeks in the program.

So many people have commented, emailed, YouTube commented, and found me on social media asking for the results of my Firm Express weight loss experiment and if I was happy with it.

In case you want to get up to speed, here are my Firm Express week 3 results for where I left off.

I am going to start the program over again as a brand new 30 day cycle, and this time I’m going to do the initial Firm Express 4-day kick Start too.

In the photo, you can see me and my son and I still look pregnant.  However, this photo was taken in October – when my new baby was already 8 months old!

Most of the inches I lost during the Firm Express first experiment were from my waist, hips, and chest.  I am hopeful that this second round of Firm Express Get Fit in 30 will take off the rest of the baby weight (30 more pounds) and the rest of the baby tummy (so people stop asking if I’m pregnant!).

Stay tuned for the photos, updates, and weigh ins during the Firm Express Weight Loss Experiment month 2.