9 Tips for How to Look Beautiful as a Mom

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Keeping up with the latest fashion and maintaining yourself can be a big challenge when you are mom. You spend most of your time with activities related to your children and home, so much that you might forget how to look beautiful and take care of your own needs.

You need to know how to look beautiful without a lot of fuss and without spending a lot of time or money.  These simple tips will help you keep up with the current trends and look beautiful as a mom, without actually spending much time as you expect.

9 Tips for How to Look Beautiful as a Mom

1.  Take up simple and natural ways of beautifying your skin at home. Some home beauty remedies are:

  • Use grapefruit before applying moisturizer to your skin.
  • Mix honey, egg white and lemon juice and apply to you skin as a mask.  Allow to sit for a while, before washing it off.
  • Use jojoba oil to soften and moisturize your skin.

2.  Choose the right clothes.  If you have just finished a pregnancy, you will still need to wait until you are back in shape to wear your pre-pregnancy clothes.

Until then, wear clothes which suit your body structure, and avoid the body hugging ones. Learn to cover up the unshapely parts of your body with flowing and longer tops over pants.  Make sure to include structured clothes to give your body the shape you want.  For help making good choices on mom clothes, read 8 Quick Rules to Grow Up Your Wardrobe.

3.  Take time to shop once in a while. Don’t shop in a hurry, like in your earlier days. Carefully pick and try on outfits which fit well.  If possible, go clothes shopping without the kids so you can focus and make good clothing decisions without being distracted.

4.  Get your nails and hair done from time to time. If these aspects are taken care of, you will automatically look groomed.  Both of these tasks are easy beauty DIYs you can do yourself at home without spending much at all.

5.  Rethink your hair length and stop cutting it short.  Many moms cut their hair short to make maintenance easier.  However, if your face has become round and full due to previous pregnancies and weight gain, then avoid short hair dos.  These will only emphasize the extra weight you’re still carrying. 

Instead, go for long or shoulder length hair. (You can still pull it back into a ponytail or hairclip when you need to.) Also use a side parting of the hair, rather than middle parts, so that your face looks long and slim.

6.  Buy stylish yet comfortable shoes. No matter how much you may have loved them before having children, you will not be able to wear high heels during most of or immediately after your pregnancy. So go for flat or shoes with comfortable heels, which have attractive designs.  You can find stylish shoes that will also be comfortable for walking or spending lots of time on your feet.

7.  Add dresses to your wardrobe. Dresses are great for the warmer months, and also will look good on you, even if you on the plumper side now.  They can camouflage a lot of what you don’t want seen as you work on your trouble spots.  Dresses are easy wardrobe additions that always let you look put together.

8.  Team up your outfits with complementary jewelry. Jewelry gives a completely different and stylish look to your outfit on the whole. You can consider using bracelets, long earrings and stylish pendants.

9.  If you work demands you to wear professional clothes, avoid suits. Try mixing and matching using jackets and skirts or pants in different combinations to add variety and break out of the boring “suit” look.

These 9 tips about how to look beautiful as a mom will help you get your fashion and upkeep back in check, even if you’ve been slipping since having children.  The more thought you put into how you look, the better you’ll feel, leaving you a happier mommy and wife.  Are you tired in the mornings, but still want to look great?  Learn how to look beautiful even on little sleep in Don’t Look Like a Tired Mom: 13 Quick Mini Makeovers.

Photos by nathalielaure (top) and spaceodissey (bottom).

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