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Housekeeping Tips from Mary Kay: Clean One Room at a Time


Life Tips for Women from Mary Kay Ash has great advice every week for moms, working moms, single moms, married women, and more. The book quoted is called Mary Kay by Mary Kay Ash, the founder of the legendary cosmetics company.  This week, we take a look at one of her housekeeping tips for cleaning one room at a time.

Housekeeping Tips: Clean One Room at a Time

“Let me give you a tip that I think helps any woman keep house a little more easily.  Instead of trying to clean the whole house at one given time…clean one room thoroughly every day.  I’m talking about going up around the ceiling, getting the cobwebs, dusting, vacuuming, polishing the furniture, everything.  If this is done one room at a time, by the end of the week the entire house will have been cleaned.” – Mary Kay, pp. 83-84

Cleaning one room at a time is a great way for anyone to get their housekeeping under control without feeling overwhelmed.  I recommend the same strategy of focusing on one room at a time for cleaning your home.  This system can be put into an easy housekeeping schedule that will give you peace of mind.  Read How To Set Up a Housekeeping Plan to get started.

Don’t Keep Cleaning Once the Job is Done

DO celebrate the good housecleaning you’ve done by enjoying your newly cleaned room, but DON’T focus on all the rooms that haven’t been cleaned yet!

Once you’ve made your housekeeping plan, it’s important to stick to it and not get “clean-a-holic fever”. In other words, stop at the end of your cleaning and appreciate a job well done, but don’t downplay your success.  It may be tempting to think to yourself, “Now that the kitchen is clean, if I keep going and clean out the pantry, the bathroom, and the kids’ rooms, this place won’t be such a mess.”  Sound familiar? 

What this “clean-a-holic” thinking really does is cause you not to be able to appreciate your hard work.  DO celebrate the good housecleaning you’ve done by enjoying your newly cleaned room, but DON’T focus on all the rooms that haven’t been cleaned yet!  Pace yourself with only certain rooms to clean each day and quick regular pickups.

Remember the Importance of Balance 

Get your kids cleaning with you as well to make sure the whole family is helping out.  Remember that your goal is a clean house that is an inviting and comfortable place for your family to live.  Housekeeping is not a contest to see who can eliminate every speck of dust from their home!  Your time is valuable and your kids and spouse value your quality time spent with them much more than an immaculate house.  Keep all things in balance, even house cleaning.

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  1. Jennifer
    Jun 23, 2009 @ 19:52:05

    So true! I am forever looking at the big picture of how my home looks, and that can be disheartening. I’m going to try to adopt more of Mary Kay’s mentality and focus on the good work that I have done clearning certain areas. I also love the idea of cleaning a room well each day. In fact, I’m working on my office now. Hopefully it will encourage me to see it all clean and sparkling!


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