How to Tie a Tie – The Windsor Knot (Video)

Every woman and man should know how to tie a tie.  Tying a tie is a life skill you just can’t get around, no matter how much you may want to (unless you resort to clip-on ties!).  If you’re a mom, you may want to tie a tie on your husband or be able to teach your son how to tie a tie someday. 

“But I don’t work at a desk job!” you might say.  The traditional office uniform is not the only place a tie shows up as a social norm.  Graduations, weddings, school dances, and interviews all come to mind for situations where a young man might need to wear a tie.  Hooray for the mom that can teach her son how easy it is to tie that tie!

There are several different tie knots, but the most common is the Windsor Knot.  The quick video below shows how to tie a tie in a Windsor knot.

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