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Packing Away & Organizing our Christmas Home Decor {Video}

Packing Away Christmas

Taking down the Christmas decorations and tree is something I’ve always done on my own (except for my husband dismantling the artificial Christmas tree and packing it into the box.  This year I decided that my kids were old enough to help un-decorate the tree and help put away and organize all the decorations.

I have lots of organizational tips and trick for packing away Christmas decorations and other seasonal décor.  Watch my video below to see our whole process of taking down the winter wonderland, complete with before and after pictures of a fully decorated living room and then an empty one!

Packing Away and Organizing our Christmas Decor:


If you don’t see the video above, click here to watch the video. Want more of my videos?  Subscribe to my Home Ever After YouTube channel.

Since the girls just turned 3 and 4 and Truett is 6, there is a lot they can do to actually be helpful in the holiday take down process. It was actually a lot easier and went much faster with all of them helping me. Do you still do your Christmas breakdown alone? How old were your kids when they started helping (or took it over for you)?

Dollar Tree Christmas Decor Haul Part 2 {Video}

Dollar Tree Christmas Decor Haul Part 2

As I promised, here is part 2 of the Dollar Tree Christmas décor haul! Watch the video below to see all my Christmas décor from dollar stores.

Did you miss my other Christmas decorations hauls in this series?  Here are all of them, so you can refresh your memory:

Here is part 2 of my Dollar Tree Christmas décor haul:

If you don’t see the video above, click here to watch the video.  Want more of my videos? Subscribe to my Home Ever After YouTube channel.

I hope you enjoyed this frugal holiday haul series with videos from Dollar Tree and 99 Cents Only store.  I had a great time finding all the components for my home winter wonderland!  Even though Christmas is over now, I’ll still be posting some of my Christmas pictures so you can see home my budget décor turned out.

Make Your Christmas Photos into Beautiful Collages with PicMonkey

All of us moms will be taking tons of Christmas photos tonight and tomorrow of our Christmas dinners, our holiday parties, our Christmas tree decorations, and our families opening presents by the fireplace.  How often do you actually do anything with your holiday photos after Christmas?  Make your Christmas photos into beautiful collages with PicMonkey for free!

Do you just upload the plain photos to facebook or pinterest and leave it at that?  Don’t let your wonderful Christmas photos be boring this year!  Make them tell a story by putting them into photo collages that are as easy and fast to make as they are beautiful. 

My top secret photo editor that I’ve been using for quite a while is called PicMonkey and it’s FREE.  Here is an example photo collage that I created by dropping 4 of my favorite Christmas pictures into a collage template, then adding my own text wherever I wanted.  My Favorite Things Collage

It’s a pretty red collage called “My Favorite Things” and it would be easy for me to create a a memory set from our entire Christmas this year using PicMonkey.

Using PicMonkey to Edit Photos

PicMonkey is a free photo editor online (you don’t have to download anything) and I’ve been using it since the first day I heard of it.  Even though I have photo software that I’ve purchased, PicMonkey is my preferred photo editor because I can make my photos look beautiful, add text, and have access to holiday themes instantly.  

You can crop your photos and even fix colors and lighting with 1-click auto fix.  You can fix blemishes, wrinkles, red eyes, makeup and more for people in your photos.  You can use beautiful photo filters to create just the right mood and ambience.  My favorite part is all the gorgeous fonts to choose from right in the sidebar so you can add captions and titles or even the URL of your blog before you share your photos online.

Using PicMonkey Collage for Christmas Photos

Whether you’re a mom, dad, grandma, blogger, scrapbooker, or just a graphic design enthusiast, you’ll fall in love with PicMonkey all over again every time you use it. Collage is the perfect way to organize and group Christmas photos to showcase the highlights of your celebration.

You could create different collages based on one family member, or by event (opening presents, Christmas dinner, etc.), or even a through-the-years theme by showing the same scene from sequential years (like the whole family in front of the Christmas tree for each of the last 5 years).

The possibilities are endless and the fact that everything in PicMonkey’s collage templates is set up for drag and drop makes it the fastest way to take your holiday photos from good to amazing!

imageUsing PicMonkey’s Collage Feature

To create amazing collages for digital scrapbooking, photo albums, blogging, even Facebook covers, choose “Create a Collage” from the front page of PicMonkey.  Then you can add as many of your photos as you want to work with.  Click the “Layouts” tab to let your imagination start working! 

The screenshot at left shows the different layout categories.  Inside each one, you’ll find even more options.  Collage is the perfect way to make updated Facebook covers for the holidays, around a birthday, or to incorporate a life event.

I also love the “Cards” category because you can make your own awesome photo greeting cards, Christmas cards, birth announcements, birthday party invitations, and more.  Just choose from the 3 card sizes and pick a layout.

Collage also offers stock photos to use in your project as well as seasonal pattern swatches.  You can drag swatches to any rectangle on your collage.  The swatches make a great background for text.

In the “background” tab, you can choose a color background for your collage project or set it to transparent.  The clear option will really make your photos pop if you’re using them in a blog post or on pinterest. 

Also in this area, you can set the spacing in between photos and even make the corners rounded if you want (with full control over percent rounded for a subtle effect or a big one). 

Once you’ve dragged and dropped all of your photos onto the collage template, start arranging and editing until it’s just the way you want it.  Each photo slot can be resized by dragging the border.  Remove a photo or entire photo slot by clicking the x in the top corner.


Any photo can be edited right inside the collage by mousing over the photo until an “Edit’” button appears in the top left corner. 


imagePicMonkey is a completely free tool, and it has extras built in to the editor that you can use if you upgrade to a paid Royale account.  Trust me, as someone who used PicMonkey for a whole year before they even added Royale, I can tell you that you will have an amazing experience whether you use the free version or the Royale with extra fonts and holiday goodies.

I also have a free day of PicMonkey Royale to give you if you want to try it!  Just click here to get a free 1 day trial of PicMonkey Royale to see if it’s for you.  That’s my referral link and it allows me to get free time using Royale just for showing it to you – everybody’s a winner!

Disclaimer:  Home Ever after received no fees for the writing or publication.   This article is a product review conducted by Danelle Ice and is her honest opinion.  A free month of PicMonkey Royale was provided to facilitate the review process. 

99 Cents Only Store Christmas Décor Haul Pt 2 {Video}

99 Cents Only Store Christmas Décor Haul Pt 2 {Video}

Just what you’ve been waiting for: the next installment of the holiday hauls! Here is the 99 Cents Only Store Christmas décor haul video (part 2).  I  love to get as much of my Christmas décor from dollar stores as possible to keep the costs low and save money.

You know I’m frugal and I hit both of the dollar stores in my town (Dollar Tree and 99¢ Only) to win at this money-saving venture.  In case you missed part 1, watch it here:  99 Cents Only Store Christmas Décor Haul Pt 1 {Video}.

As you can see in the picture above, I got $1 Disney licensed character Christmas Santa hats for all three of my kids in this haul.  I got 2 pink Disney princess Santa hats for my daughters and a red Disney Mickey Mouse Santa hat for my son for only one dollar each, plus SO much more – you just have to watch and see!

Here is part 2 of my 99 Cents Only Store Christmas décor haul:


If you don’t see the video above, click here to watch the video. Want more of my videos?  Subscribe to my Home Ever After YouTube channel.

Don’t worry if you missed the beginning of this series at Home Ever After!  Watch the  Dollar Tree Christmas décor haul part 1, 99 Cents Only store Christmas décor haul part 1, and stay tuned for Dollar Tree part 2. 

99 Cents Only Store Christmas Décor Haul Pt 1 {Video}

99 Cents Only Christmas Haul Pt 1 Thumbnail

Dollar store Christmas bliss: it’s it’s the 99 Cents Only Store Christmas décor haul video (part 1)!  I told you in the Dollar Tree video that I hit 99¢ Only Store when they started putting out holiday decorations. 

I got rid of my whole collection of Christmas décor when we moved to California and I needed to completely restock my supply.  Of course, I  wanted to get all the Christmas décor from dollar stores to save money. 

This budget Christmas decorations shopping project was so successful that it had to be split into 4 separate hauls!  I haven’t been this determined at a frugal project in a while, and I admit that that it was fun to see just how much money I could save over going to traditional retail stores for my decorations, wrapping paper, tape, and everything else.

Here is part 1 of my 99 Cents Only Store Christmas décor haul:


If you don’t see the video above, click here to watch the video. Want more of my videos?  Subscribe to my Home Ever After YouTube channel.

Keep in the holiday decorating spirit with Home Ever After and watch the  Dollar Tree Christmas décor haul part 1 and stay tuned for part 2 of the 99 Cents Only store Christmas décor haul!