Girls & Modesty: Top 6 Worst / Most Immodest Kids’ Summer Clothes

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I’m Angry About Immodest Summer Clothes for Young Girls

We’ve been talking about the indecent amount of skin children’s clothing is now designed to show off.  There’s never a good reason that a 6 year old girl needs to be wearing sexy or revealing styles of clothes designed for a grown woman. 

When I attempted to shop for summer clothes for my 10 year old daughter, the clothes (in this article) are what I found.  We need to bring back modesty and teach our girls to respect their bodies by covering up!

Top 6 Worst Indecent Kids’ Summer Clothes

The most immodest kids’ clothing styles can be summed up in 6 raunchy pieces.  Below are a few fashion standards that have gone mainstream in children’s clothing, but are completely inappropriate:

1.  Backless/topless shirts.  Halter tops, tube tops, and string tops may be hot in music videos, but they are racy provocative clothing items that children do not need to be wearing.  Under no circumstance does my daughter EVER need to wear a backless shirt!  Why would her back need to be out for everyone to see?  Is there some good reason to remove the fabric from the back of a child’s shirt?

Product Details


At left, you can see a popular “string top” that only has a string that ties around the neck.  Yes, this green shirt is a kids’ top sold at Old Navy.





Girls4Sport Youth - Halter Top Rashguard (top)



The pink shirt at left is a halter top.  You can see how (1) lowcut it is in the front, (2) completely backless it is, and (3) short it is so that the entire back, shoulders, and stomach of your daughter is “out there”.  This is NOT appropriate for a tween or teen to be wearing.  Yet, you can buy this gem at Amazon.




Product Details

At left, you can see a pink striped child’s tube top dress.  Lets pray that while running and playing the dress does not slip down, exposing your child’s entire bare chest (not to mention that unless your 10 year old is sporting a strapless training bra, she’ll be unable to wear a bra at all with this style of dress).



2.  Racer-back tank tops.  A racer back cuts into the middle of the back, meaning that the back of both bra straps are completely visible.  Racer-back tank tops are meant for female athletes wearing racer-back bras underneath them.  Racer back tank tops or dresses with racer backs (yes, I saw this at Walmart today in the Miley Cyrus line of clothing) are not appropriate for tweens and teens. 

As you can see in the picture below (left), a racer back shirt shows the entire bra strap.  Even the photo shows a grown woman wearing this type of shirt, not a young child.  Below (right), you see a child’s racer back tank from popular brand Paul Frank.  The fabric to the back of the shirt is really all thee, but has then been gathered into the middle to expose more skin on purpose.

Racer back bra straps showingGirls' Paul Frank® for Target® Star Shades Tank Top - Pink


3.  Too-short kids’ mini dresses.  Dresses that come above the knee so far as to be half-way between knee and nether regions have no place on a child.  The “banded bottom dress” below by company Amy Byer is so short that it looks like a shirt.  It’s really a girls’ size 7-14 dress. 

Amy Byer Black & Whited Banded Bottom Dress

Not surprising, I couldn’t find a picture of any of these dresses on a child model.  My guess is that the pictures of a real child wearing this indecent clothing would spark decency issues for the manufacturer.

4.  Skimpy kid’s bikinis and cut-away one piece swimsuits.  (Below girls’ bikini swimsuits are by Disney, Roxy, and Hello Kitty.)  A Disney swimsuit isn’t something that should make you think of a bare midriff.

The Hello Kitty bikini is cut so skimpy in the bottoms that you can’t even see the back (it’s smaller than the front).  Does a child’s bikini really need to be cinched in the middle of the chest to accentuate the breasts?

Product Details Product DetailsProduct DetailsHello Kitty Kids Swimwear, Girls Bikini or Little Girls Bikini


Roxy child’s swimsuit (cut out back and string top):

Xhilaration kids’ swimsuit by Target (with the back and sides cut out to show off your daughter’s midsection),

Girls' Xhilaration® 1-Piece Patch Skin - Animal Print


and Raisins girls’ swimsuit (shown below), which is not only missing its entire backside, but features a large tie in the back.  No one ever heard of 12 year old boys liking to untie things, such as the backs of girls’ swimsuits, then run away – right?

Raisins Boho Beach Waikiki Swimsuit - Little Girls'

5.  Raunchy children’s mini skirts. The blue skirt pictured below is called “Child Ruffle Mini Skirt” by Body Wrappers.  In their own description of the skirt, they say, “convertible mini ruffle skirt can be worn multiple ways… can be worn over a longer length skirt or over booty shorts.”  Please explain to me why any tween or teen should be wearing booty shorts in the first place, then lets talk about how wrong it is to wear a skirt that is shorter than shorts!

Child Ruffle Mini Skirt - 3838

The mini skirt by Funky Diva  shown below is horrifyingly short.  The fact that they chose to put it on a child model wearing fishnet tights doesn’t help it to look any less trashy.  Notice where the child’s knees are – at the bottom of the picture, and nowhere near the hemline of this kids’ skirt.

Child Mini Skort - FD1920C

6.  Kids’ short shorts or Daisy dukes.  With inseams ranging from 1” to 2” on many of the girls’ shorts now, it’s a no-brainer to see how immodest these short shorts are.  If any one of us moms or dads was to wear a pair of shorts with a 1” inseam, I’m pretty sure we know what would happen:

  1. We’d have things hanging out the bottom of our shorts that ought to be tucked safely up in the sorts, and
  2. then we’d be arrested for indecent exposure when aforementioned items did hang out the bottom!

Below are a few photos of actual girls’ size 7-14 shorts by Roxy, Diesel, and YMI.  I found shorts just as short at my local Walmart store today.

RoxyDieselROXY Hit The Beach Girls ShortsYMI short shorts

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