Girls & Modesty: Kids’ Clothes Should NOT Have Sex Appeal

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Immodest Child Mini Skort

If you missed the introduction to the Girls & Modesty series, you can read it now: Parents- Say NO to Kids’ Immodest and Trashy Summer Clothes.

Kids’ Clothes Should NOT Have Sex Appeal

If your child’s outfit looks like it could have been worn on America’s Next Top Model, you have big problems, my friend.  Our kids should look like children, not women.  Childhood is short enough already.  There’s no reason at all for children to have “sex appeal” from their clothes.

The picture above might seem extreme, but this an actual photo from showing young girls’ clothes available to buy. 

I have seen outfits very similar to this one (black miniskirt, fishnet tights, and red fishnet top) used as costumes for prostitutes in movies! In fact, if think about the most generic “hooker” outfit you can imagine in a movie, the mini skirt and fishnet stockings probably come to mind first.

Who would want their sweet 9  year old dressed like a streetwalker?  Does a 12 year old need to copy outfits from Lady Gaga or America’s Next Top Model?

When we talk about immodest kids’ clothes, we’re talking about clothes that show way too much skin on a child’s body.  These include halter tops, short shorts (Daisy Dukes) tube tops, skimpy bikinis, mini skirts, and other children’s clothes modeled after adult women’s styles.

The Effects of Dressing Your Child in Revealing Clothes

Dressing your child (or allowing her to dress) in revealing and indecent clothing does your daughter a major disservice.  It  sets her up to think dressing immodestly is the right way to draw attention to herself. 

Showing too much skin is a sure-fire way to get attention from boys and lots of it.  But it won’t be boys who want to date a nice Christian girl, meet her parents, and share common goals and interests.  The boys coming around will be interested in only 1 thing- the thing we don’t want our daughters doing until they’re married.

If a girl child, tween, or teen sends a message out with her clothes that she’s “sexy” or “flirty” or “hot” or “sassy” (words which are even printed on a lot of kids’ and juniors’ size clothes), she is advertising that she is okay with being involved in sexual activity.  Children don’t need to be sexy or even thinking about trying to be appealing to the opposite sex – they need to be playing with toys and using their imaginations.

A Parent’s Job is to Teach Modesty & Purity

It is our job as parents to teach modesty, purity, and correct attitudes about waiting for sex until marriage.  We can’t raise good Christian or non-Christian girls if we don’t teach our daughters how to conduct themselves appropriately in public, and this includes how they dress. 

A reader commented that she was worried that teaching our kids to dress modestly to “be a good girl” or “be a good Christian” might cause them to “grow into women who are ashamed of having sexual feelings”.  This couldn’t be further from the truth if you teach your girls from the beginning that having sex is for married women only and being sexy is ONLY for grown women, and never for kids.  Children never need to be sexy.  That is what we should teach our kids: sex is for the right people (married people only) and being “sexy” is for the right age (adult) in the right situations.

One more huge point is that it is our job to teach our daughters that attention comes to them from their GOD-GIVEN talents and special abilities (like loving science, singing, having compassion, volunteering, or being great at math), not from showing off parts of their bodies that should be covered up.

To illustrate just how bad the young girls’ clothing has gotten, I’ve prepared a list (chock full of photos of real kids’ clothes) of the most immodest and inappropriate children’s clothes you can buy now. 

Stay tuned tomorrow for the shocking photo in our article “Top 6 Most Trashy and Immodest Kids’ Summer Clothes”.

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