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Get Ready for Thanksgiving the Frugal Way

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Thanksgiving Holiday Banquet

Get ready for Thanksgiving the frugal way with these great tips.  Let’s plan ahead to work smarter, not harder, and to stay organized.  That way we can focus on what’s really important, the true meaning of Thanksgiving.   Keep turkey day stress-free, budget-friendly, and family-focused.

Tips For A Stress-Free Thanksgiving

Hitched Magazine shares these great stress-reducing Thanksgiving tips with us:

“* Set your table the night before.

* Purchase your turkey, ham or both in as far advance as you can without sacrificing quality. If you need to buy frozen to save yourself the hassle of holiday crowds then by all means do so.

* Decide right now what you are going to prepare and what time your gathering will be. Be sure to consult your family members as to what works for them and try to pick the best time for everyone.

* Make a list of who is bringing which dishes and send it to everyone if you have a big family. They’ll be grateful for the reminder.”

-Read the rest of their frugal and time-saving Thanksgiving tips here.


Keeping the Thanks in Thanksgiving

What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving in the blogworld than by posting about your gratitude? You can participate by telling the world what you’re thankful for this Thanksgiving on your blog or on twitter or facebook. My friend Patty posted her gratitude list here at Little Bytes News.

“Many times through the years I’ve gotten caught up in the preparation and busy-ness of this season and missed the opportunity to reflect on the true meaning of Thanksgiving until we sit down for grace.

“Now that I have a little one underfoot, I’ve been thinking about the memories I want her to have of this holiday and the traditions I’d like to start for our family. I’ve done some advanced planning, and come up with some fun and easy activities to help remind us of the true spirit of Thanksgiving.”

- Keeping the Thanks in Thanksgiving from Problem Solvin’ Mom

Thanksgiving Colors

Momstoppable brings us a great recipe for the sweet potato leftovers we’re bound to have after Thanksgiving.

The link treasury: check out Thanksgiving on a Budget where people from across the blogworld have left their best Thanksgiving tips!

Get more frugal Thanksgiving Tips at Frugal Friday!  This article was originally published November 25, 2008.

Photos courtesy of stock.xchng.

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  1. Steph
    Nov 25, 2008 @ 17:01:55

    Thanks for the great tips! No matter how smoothly things run each year, I’m always looking for new ideas and traditions!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving,


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