{Freelance Lifestyle} Free Printable Freelance Article Assignments Organizer

I just created the Home Ever After Freelance Lifestyle tools for freelance writers and couldn’t wait to share!  If you’re a freelancer and want to get your freelance articles and assignments organized for the new year, our new free printable Freelance Article Assignments Organizer can help.Button Download-HEA

Print or download the Freelance Lifestyle free printable Freelance Article Assignments Organizer.


Use the {Freelance Lifestyle} Freelance Article Assignments Organizer to:

  • Keep freelance assignment due dates highly visible.
  • At-a-glance- Make sure you’ve turned in all assignments before the due date.
  • Keep track of which articles are for which client, blog, or website.
  • Know the payment amounts for each assignment (easy way to prioritize jobs that may not be the best use of your work time).
  • Make sure you were paid for each assignment and received the right amount for each job.

Part of the new internet lifestyle for many of us involves working online or being location independent.  This freelance lifestyle usually means you work out of a small home office or mobile office, which might even be a computer bag which gets unpacked onto the dining room table during work time!  Having a good organizational system is key to making sure you keep on top of your freelance work.

Whether you’re a blogger for hire and submitting articles to someone else’s site or freelance writing for print magazines, you need a way to keep track of your freelance work. 

Two of the most important things you need to track are on our Freelance Article Assignments Organizer: due dates and payments.  Click the download button to print or download the Freelance Lifestyle free printable Freelance Article Assignments Organizer.

Button Download-HEA

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