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Free Guide: Make Money with Paid Surveys

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Home Ever After’s Free Guide: Make Money with Paid Surveys

Paid surveys are a great way to earn a little extra money for your family. I only started doing surveys in January 2008 and I’ve made much more than I expected.

What are Paid Surveys? Companies pay billions of dollars each year for market research that helps them develop better products. They pay “paid survey companies” to find qualified people to take surveys for them. People like you and I sign up with paid survey companies for free and make money taking paid surveys in our free time.

How Does it Work? Sign up with a survey company for free. They send you an email when they have a survey available for you. The email says if you will be paid for the survey and how much. Take the surveys you want in your spare time (I only do those that pay the most). If you’re busy and don’t have time one week, it doesn’t matter. They keep sending them and you just do them when it’s convenient. 4-6 weeks later the survey company sends your payment. It’s that easy!

Will I Really Make Money? Yes! You will really make money from doing paid surveys as long as you do them! Sometimes the pay is only $1 or $2 per survey. You will get surveys that pay higher amounts, but they come less frequently. Still, the small amounts can add up quickly. Most survey companies have a waiting period of 4-6 weeks after a survey’s completion before you will be paid. This is because they wait to be paid by the business that is doing the research. Some have a short waiting time, while others have a longer wait. Patience will pay off as you start to see checks arriving in your mail box for work you did a month ago!

Do All Surveys Pay? No. Some only offer entries into the company’s sweepstakes. Read each email to find out if that particular survey will pay you or not. It can be worth your while to do surveys that don’t offer a dollar reward; the more surveys you do for a company the more offers they send you. I have witnessed this trend first-hand! Remember, you only have to do the surveys YOU choose. Just delete the rest.

Are Paid Surveys Scams? No, paid surveys are for real, and you can make modest amounts of money. (Not thousands of dollars in no time—wishful thinking!)  The companies in our guide are legitimate market research companies that conduct studies for Fortune 500 companies, among others.  Some offers online that suggest winning a large prize (like a TV of a vacation) for taking a survey are NOT paid surveys.  Stick with the Home Ever After list of Paid Survey Companies and you’ll be set!  If at any time one of the companies on our list asks you to send them money for ANY reason, please immediately forward the email to surveys(at)  Never pay any company to complete surveys – free surveys are just that: free.

How Do I Get Paid? Some survey companies mail out checks while others pay through PayPal. Payment methods vary. Most survey companies have a limit (or threshold) on what you must earn before you can be paid. Threshold can be anywhere from $5 – $25 (I’ve never seen one higher than that). Once you earn that magic number, you can request a payout. A few companies have no threshold and don’t require you to request your money at all, they just mail you a check after each survey.

What are Points? Some survey companies pay in points instead of dollars. This is mainly because they have survey-takers from many different countries, and want to make it fair to everyone by not listing the amounts in US dollars. Many companies will let you turn in your accumulated points for cash, however. Some offer gift certificates (Amazon, Starbucks) and prizes; these rewards vary by company.

What is a Screener? A screener is a series of questions to determine if you qualify for a survey. For example, Huggies may have a survey about diapers. The screener might ask if you have children under 5 years old. They need to know this, because if you don’t have young children, you won’t be able to give the information they need about diapers. Sometimes you’ll qualify for a survey and sometimes you won’t. Don’t get discouraged; just keep trying until you get a survey that you fit into!

What are Focus Groups or Interactive Panels? Sometimes you’ll take a short 5-10 minute survey that is really a screener for a focus group or interactive panel. These are longer surveys (usually 45-90 minutes) that you take online or over the phone with an interviewer. Other panelists can participate as well, but you usually only talk to or type to the interviewer. Focus groups take a little longer to complete, but pay much more – anywhere from $20-$200.

How Do I Fill Out Surveys Faster? Download Roboform, an automatic form filler.  You can get the free version which is basic, or the advanced pay-version (I use the free one and it works just fine for surveys).  Follow the help instructions to learn how to fill in the information you want to automatically fill into forms.  Roboform makes filling in surveys and signing up for free samples much faster.

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