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Snapshot of Our Life: Almost the End of Summer

Kids Playing Chase Truett Prynne Home Ever AfterIt’s the end of summer in most places, and everyone’s getting amped up for back to school, goaded by the store school supplies displays.  

Here in Southern California it’s summer all year long.  I’ve been taking advantage of the stores’ summer clearance sales to stock up on frugal kids’ summer clothes like swimsuits, shorts, tank tops, and beach supplies.  We’ll still be using them year-round.

Of course, I’m a sucker for back to school and have started shopping for school supplies and fall clothes too.  The new fall colors and plaids always get me.  Plus, I found some amazing pink glitter office supplies at Staples and Walmart yesterday.

Some days all you can blog about is what you see around you.  That is the snapshot of our life.

Snapshot of Our Life: Almost the End of Summer

Where are we?  Greater Los Angeles area, California

What is the temperature?  70 degrees

What did I do today?  Today I put up an owl bulletin board in my dining room, played Candy Crush, worked on a client’s back to school campaign, made lunch, watched part of Frozen, cleaned out my email, wrote a blog post, and cleaned the house in preparation for my mother-in-law’s visit.

How am I feeling today?  I am feeling tired today – I haven’t been sleeping well lately.

What do I look like today?  No makeup, didn’t comb my hair.  Pink shirt and jeans. 

What does our living room look like?  The living room is clean – it has way too many toy boxes.  I think it’s about time to pack away some toys to the garage and stir up the new-ness factor for the kids.

What did Michael do today?  He worked at his day job today.

What did the kids do today?  Prynne has a fever of 101, so she’s been a sick girl who gets to stay in her jammies on the couch today.  Watching Frozen with a big box of tissues helps.

What was the menu plan today?  The menu plan is on hiatus because of my crazy work/travel schedule.  We’re scavenging in the kitchen this week.

What is planned for tomorrow?  Tomorrow I’m going to finish writing my current feature-length film script.  Michael is on kid duty and we kick off “Operation Get Ready For Grandma” (i.e. house cleaning).

Extra kid stuff:  Seven (4) has been on thumb-sucking tough love for the last month.  I made her a thumb chart and she’s been sleeping with band aids on both thumbs the whole time.  She hasn’t gotten a good night of sleep through the entire process, which means we’ve been having a lot more behavior and attitude problems with her.  This is the toughest habit to break so far; Seven has been a thumb sucker since she was 2 weeks old.

Truett (6) continues to protest the library summer reading program with every fiber of his being.  He desperately wants that free ticket to Lego Land, almost as much as he wants to NOT READ any books. 

Prynne (3) potty trained herself last month.  I bought a special brand/color of pull-ups just for her and that was enough to make her decide she was done with diapers.  She’s been going in the princess training potty for 2 months now and most naps and nights wakes up dry.  Prynne is my earliest potty trainer of all the kids.  I have a stack of 5 diapers left.  It’s a strange paradigm shift realizing that I’ve bought my last box of diapers.  EVER.

Don’t forget to jot down your snapshot today!

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Are We Ready for Another Baby Already?

Our original plan was to have a lot of kids, between 7 and 10, to be exact.  Along the way, our plans changed for reasons beyond our control.

But, old habits die hard!  Lately, we’ve been talking about the possibility of having another baby.  Watch the video below to see what we decided (with loud illustrations)!

If you don’t see the video below, click here to watch the video.  Want more of my videos? Check me out at and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

A Block of Curly Fries

Danelle Ice at the 2011 Tanana Valley State Fair

Yes, folks, that is indeed a block of curly fries!  The Tanana Valley State Fair in Fairbanks, Alaska did a few things that I will miss.  For instance, I’ll miss sticking my plastic fork in a block (or brick, whichever sounds more appetizing to you) of greasy, deep fried French fries.

This picture of me was taken at the fair in August 2011, our last fair in Alaska. 

It’s in the shape of a block because that’s how they fry it- in a rectangular basket which holds just enough curly fries for a serving (but really feeds about 2 people).  They pull the cage out of the fryer, tip it out onto a plate, smother it in cheese sauce, and stick a fork in it!

Bad for the health, but as SpongeBob says, “It’s good for your soul!”…

Her Feet, My Feet: Seven and Mommy in the Alaska Autumn

My Seven was barely old enough to walk around with shoes on when I shot this beautiful photo.  It shows both of our feet in the autumn grass in our old home, Alaska, just as the leaves were starting to fall.  Her tiny pink princess shoes are so small that they barely stick out from under her pant legs!

Since then, they’ve become personal snapshots of our relationship together – these quick photos of our feet together when we happen to be doing something new.

Her Feet, My Feet: Seven and Mommy in the Alaska Autumn

Seven Ice-Simmons and Danelle Ice

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Happy Anniversary!

Today is my wedding anniversary, and I’m so thankful to be married to my wonderful husband, Michael Simmons!  Back then, we were a couple of crazy kids in Las Vegas…


…getting married on the busiest wedding day that town has ever known.


The years went by.  We had babies, we lost babies, we gained weight, we lost weight, we gained jobs, we lost jobs…


…but we never lost each other.  Happy anniversary, Flash!  I love you forever!

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