Dream House: Quaint Million Dollar Beach Homes of Mandalay Beach

How much would you pay to live at the beach?  The simple answer if you’re looking at beach front houses at Mandalay Beach in Oxnard, California is a cool million!  While the beauty of the beach and proximity to the sand and surf are desirous, these million dollar beach homes trade off size for location.

Still, we found some beautiful Southern California dream homes among the million dollar homes of Mandalay Beach.  See for yourself!  This week’s photos were taken in Oxnard, California.

Dream Homes: Million Dollar Beach Homes of Mandalay Beach

This sky blue beautiful beach home with a bold blue door pops so nicely against the blue sky that you might want to always be outside looking at it!

The white shutters, picket fence, and stone detail make this beach house a dream.  We also love the color pops from the pink flowers with the vintage-look birdhouse on a post.

Mandalay Beach Homes Million ISWM (2)-HEAMandalay Beach Homes Million ISWM (3)-HEA

Looking for a beach house which is a little less traditional?  Take a look at this geometric beauty:Mandalay Beach Homes Million ISWM (4)-HEA

This beach retreat is secluded with palm trees for privacy:

Mandalay Beach Homes Million ISWM (6)-HEA

This sandy getaway beach house is breathtaking with the finding roses on the white picket fence and adorable gates.  The cozy pale yellow with white shutters takes the attention away from the bold lines of the geometric window design.

Mandalay Beach Homes Million ISWM (9)-HEAMandalay Beach Homes Million ISWM (10)-HEA

By far, my favorite house in the Mandalay Beach area is this one:Mandalay Beach Homes Million ISWM (11)-HEA

It’s stone face and terraces are very Monte Carlo.  One can imagine the splendor as the sun sets and reflects its oranges and pinks off of this million dollar beach house.

The front door has a welcoming half-circle step to compliment the rounded windows.

Mandalay Beach Homes Million ISWM (13)-HEA

Let’s take a turn away from the light and airy beach houses to this dark stone beach house.

Mandalay Beach Homes Million ISWM (15)-HEAMandalay Beach Homes Million ISWM (18)-HEA

If I was going to spend a million dollars on a beach house in Southern California, I’d be looking at what was available for a very long time before deciding on one.  I’d probably pass on all of the houses in today’s dream homes and opt for something larger and more secluded.  What about you?

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