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Disclosure of Corporate, Affiliate, and Advertising Relationships

Our general disclosure and disclaimer is here.  As a problogger, Danelle Ice partners with corporations and other companies from time to time to work in mutually beneficial relationships.  Danelle makes her living online.  Although her company gives away information for free, IS World Media (ISWM) is a for-profit company that makes money by selling advertising, delivering relevant information to our readers for corporate entities, and endorsing products as an affiliate. 

All opinions given are the bloggers’ own, whether posts are written by Danelle Ice, staff writers, or guest bloggers.  We comply with FTC Guidelines.  The companies and relationships listed below are subject to change at any time.

ISWM may or may not make money from anything you see, read, or click on our family of websites.

Corporate Relationships

Danelle Ice is currently in the following corporate relationships:

1.  AMD Ambassadors.  Danelle receives free travel and accommodations to and from AMD events.  She also receives free travel and accommodations for blog conferences from AMD, free technology products, and more in exchange for advertising for them and advocating their brand. 

2.  Kraft Foods, Inc. – Delicious Byte blogger.  Danelle works closely with Kraft Foods, Inc. as one of their bloggers under the Delicious Byte program.  she receives free travel/accommodations to Kraft events, free Kraft owned/distributed products and more under this program in exchange for advertising for them and advocating their brand. 

3.  Purex Insiders.  This program is currently under restructuring. 

All other corporate relations are on a one-time basis as needed.

Affiliate Relationships

1.  Amazon

2.  Logical Media

3.  AdPerio

4.  Commission Junction

5.  Share a Sale

Twitter Advertising

ISWM sells tweets on a one-time basis and we work with the following Twitter advertising networks:

1.  Magpie

2.  Sponsored Tweets

For more information about advertising on the ISWM family of websites, please visit our advertising page.

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