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The Day After Thanksgiving – Recipes to Use Turkey Leftovers

Cooking Recipes Nessa

Nessa is a mother of two living the small town life in rural Texas. She loves cooking everything from tried and true recipes to her own wonderful creations. Catch her blogging at Ramblings of a Texas Housewife and on Twitter @Nessa_TX.

Editor’s Note:  Nessa brings us 4 fabulous recipes to use turkey leftovers from Thanksgiving.  Do you have turkey leftover recipes to share?  Leave the links in the comments below!

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Free Pumpkin-Carving Stencils

Pumpkin Stencils

Click here for free pumpkin-carving stencils from Better Homes and Gardens, and you’ll have the best looking jack-o-lanterns on the block!

Make sure to scroll through all 31 choices, and then print the PDF file of the stencil(s) you’d like to use.  Simply tape the paper to your pumpkin, outline the pattern with pinpricks (poking through the paper), then remove the paper to cut out the pattern completely.

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Free Printable Kids’ Placemats to Color From Bisquick


Click to go to Bisquick’s website, and download fun, printable placements for your kids. Make sure you scroll down a little bit from the large placement shown to see the other three options below.

As you can see at left, these are really cute. They’re just like the children’s placement/menus you often find in restaurants with activities to keep the kids busy while they wait for their food.

Just add the crayons, and your kids will stay busy while you’re cooking.

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Download & Print Free Holiday Gift Tags and Recipe Cards from Betty Crocker

imageBetty Crocker is offering free printable holiday gift tags.  Just print them on cardstock and cut them out.

These would really be ideal if you’re in a pinch and run out of gift tags, but they are pretty enough, you might want to use them as your tags this year.

For even more free downloads from Betty Crocker, click here. Get recipe cards, gift cards, invitations, and another set of gift tags in a completely different style!

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Sign up for Kraft’s First Taste Program to Try New Kraft Products

Click to sign up for Kraft’s First Taste program, and try new Kraft products for free plus get other special offers and coupons by mail.  You’ll also have the opportunity to give Kraft your feedback on their products and share coupons with friends.

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