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About Home Ever After

About Home Ever After Online

Home Ever After was created to help women and men learn what they need to live an extraordinary life and is filled with expert tips, tricks, life hacks, checklists, how-to articles, and personal development tools to help you along the way.

Danelle Ice Danelle Ice is the creator of Home Ever After and IS World Media.  She is a theoretical physicist, consultant, digital brand strategist, writer, and blog expert from Fairbanks, Alaska.

Past clients include: Microsoft, American Express, LG, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (Keurig), AMD, Kraft Foods, Oscar Mayer, Purex, Walmart, and many more.

Ice is known as “The Systemizer” for her strong belief that systems make the difference in any environment, whether it is home or business. “Systems allow good people to be great by taking the guesswork out of the mundane so your time is free for more important things,” she says. She has served as a change agent for many large corporations, revamping systems to make things run faster, cheaper, and more efficiently.  Her writing is currently in syndication around the globe.




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