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Danelle Ice is an entrepreneur in Los Angeles and mom of 3. She is the creator of and Danelle is also known as internet personality SimDanelle, the first virtual person. Danelle is a beauty guru on YouTube, vlogger, blogger, and new media darling. She is a current brand ambassador for for Keurig and previous AMD Tech Mom, Kraft Foods Delicious Byte brand ambassador, and Purex Insider.


  1. Katie
    March 31, 2011 @ 2:53 pm

    I got my mother to do this a few months ago! My sister and I had temporarily moved home from college and she had way too much food for 4 people, let alone 2!

    She struggled with it at first, especially since I was determined to throw out anything that was expired or would expire before we could use it (we literally had a battle over some old brownie mix). I also worked on pairing down her spices. She has a tendency to buy spices she already has and she buys them in bulk from Sam’s!

    Once we got it paired down and organized, making dinner was so much easier and eventually she saw how much better it felt, from health and organizational standpoints, to eat more fresh food and cling to fewer processed and canned foods.

    It was definitely a chore, but well worth it! I even got her to let go of her 20+ year old upright freezer after thawing and preparing all the food that was in there. My mother and my father, the vegetarian, simply have no use for an upright now that their 4 children have moved out :-)


  2. Michelle
    April 17, 2012 @ 9:41 am

    I’m so TIRED of giving all my money to the grocery store and barely having room in my pantry or refrigerator…Something tells me that we need to do this…BAD!!


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